Games "will die" if industry doesn't do more to innovate, says Cage

E3 wasn't exactly bursting with new IP this year, but one of the few new properties to receive a fair amount of buzz was Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls. After teasing the industry at GDC with his tantalizing Kara demo, showcasing what his next project could do visually and with emotions in characters, David Cage unveiled his new project starring the talented actress Ellen Page.

After a more action-filled presentation than usual from Cage, GamesIndustry International spoke to the developer about the evolution of his game making from Heavy Rain to Beyond, where games and storytelling are headed, and getting past the uncanny valley, among other things.

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Hal0_0_EmElG2686d ago

Yes lets have more quick time events , the Genius has indeed spoken ...

SnakeCQC2686d ago

contextual events in non linear games are better than the over saturated copy and paste shooters

LOGICWINS2686d ago

^^Who cares which one is better or worse? I can do without either.

Outside_ofthe_Box2686d ago

So because he said we need more innovation that automatically means he wants more games like the one he makes?

jetlian2686d ago

coming from a guy who made 2 going on 3 interactive movies lol. what hes doing isnt even new

suicidalblues2686d ago

@ jetlian

I need a good laugh. Tell me these interactive movies you speak of.

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Pushagree2686d ago

This is the truth. No more military shooters, no more space marines, no more spikey-haired anime rpgs, and lastly NO. MORE. ZOMBIES. It's been done a million times. Take a chance on something new. Be the next Portal or Assassins Creed and the world will love you for it.

setokaiba2686d ago

Assasins creed has had like 10 entries, and even 1 wasnt innovative when you think about it.

Realistic graphics, action adventure, weve seen and done that too. Weve seen stealth, ect

smashcrashbash2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

The golden Age of gaming Sony, Sega and Nintendo took chances with games and innovation was never a problem. Some of the greatest most innovative games came out of that era. Innovation barely exists this gen except in indie games and pointless gimmicks. Sony is one of few companies who still take chances with full retail games like HR, Motorstorm and Last Guardian. Others usually only take chances if it is an indie game or a downloadable one.

StanSmith2686d ago

Thank god for titles like LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Mario, Donkey Kong along with games like Portal and Assassins Creed. Without those, I'd have quit gaming long ago due to the ridiculous amounts of First Person Shooters.

I don't mind FPSs. It's the military ones that bore me to death now days.

NonApplicable2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

You can have Zombies, Military Soldiers, Space Marines and Spikey Haired anime characters without creating something conventional. The Mario related(including spin offs) games are excellent examples of providing drastically different experiences while maintaining the same franchise characters.

ABizzel12686d ago

I think the problem is very few developers are putting the time in to make something new and unique, because new and unique doesn't sell unless it has mind blowing graphics.

Gamers claim they want something new, but when its dropped the sales don't show the developer making something new is worth their time.

At the same time developers need to find a balance between familiar and new, so they can pull gamers into the world with something they know, but surprise them with something different.

Shooters are great. There's nothing wrong with the genre, but the same type of shooter has been done to death WW2, Modern War, Post Apocalyptic, and Space Marine. A new setting and new enemies and new A.I. goes a long way in making a game feel different and refreshing.

REFRESHING is what we're looking for. There was a shooter that got cancelled that was set in a Fantasy world, with giants, ogers, dragons etc... It's the same shooting mechanics, but a new world that has never been explored, and possibly a new story.

Also there are other genres out there. Shooter and Action (guns) seem to have become the biggest genres this generation. Bring back horror, develop more hack and slash, new platformer, fighting, good JRPG's etc... VARIETY is also what we're looking for.

REFRESHING - VARIETY is what we want next gen.

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setokaiba2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

No offense, and I dont mean to stur trouble but shouldnt he take his own advice?

I mean lets break down his game in terms of innovation.

Is realistic graphics innovative? Not really

Are Visual novels, where there is more story than gameplay innovative? Not really, thats been around for 20 years.

So what exactly is the innovative part of his new game?

Ok so she can talk to dead people......did anyone see 6th sense?

Moncole2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Games doing stuff never done before like Scribblenauts and Portal that is innovative.

BitbyDeath2686d ago

Cinematic gameplay is still fresh

NonApplicable2686d ago

Maybe Mr.Cage doesn't innovate as much as he would like to think, but... he does push the medium forward. Developers will incorporate/improve certain aspects of their games because of Quantic Dream influence.

Tonester9252686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Innovation =/= graphics.

That's why I respect the Wii U and the innovative game play abilities that it's bringing to the Gaming world. To be honest, look at all the Nintendo system controllers. The only thing missing from the Nintendo catalog is different AAA quality Exclusives other than the norm. I'm not a Nintendo fanboy just speaking the truth.

I believe that if Devs listen to gamers, there will be a huge diversity of titles. Maybe have an open Poll or forum just for game ideas and have people from all over the world help contribute to the ideas and creation of the game.

I can't wait to take my college classes this semester for Video game storyboards, design, etc... Hopefully I like it.

D3mons0ul2686d ago

No, people will eventually grow tired of Call of Duty and seek out the more obscure games. I think this stagnation problem will fix itself. Nobody's just gonna let gaming die. The idea is ridiculous.

StanSmith2686d ago

As much as I hate Call of Duty, if it died it would leave a massive dent in Sony & Microsoft's pockets. Sony and Microsoft need Call of Duty to keep selling 20+ million a year. The royalties are huge on the franchise.

Tonester9252686d ago

It's not "gaming" will die but specific game titles. Such as COD, Mario, Pokemon, Halo, Madden etc... Just games that release and have little change to them. Or the change that they implemented in the game isn't relatively game changing. Without this factor, the games will become stale and graphics will not be able to cover this up.

dkp232686d ago

Games not going anywhere, genres will die, others will rise. There will always be a demand for games.

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