Double the HDMI - Twice the fun

The fine folks over at EvilAvatar and MagicBox are reporting that the low-end PS3 isn't the only PS3 to gain an HDMI port. According to their TGS information, the 60GB version will now have not one, but two HDMI ports.

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PS360WII5844d ago

So they don't really know what they want then huh. Not to be a hater but this stuff is the reason why it's not having a fruitfull launch for they keep on taking stuff away then adding it back then trying to manufacture it all. then oh wait we have to stop production cuz we changed everything to the other way.. okay we ready to manufactor again? I think so okay go for it... oh wait wait one more thing... oh shoot we are going to launch in a few days crap...

Does this sound cool to you? I want a ps3 but if they keep changing their minds on what to have on the system we won't be able to see this thing for another year or so

D R Fz5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Think about it. Hd gaming, motion sensing controller, Next-gen blu-ray player for nextgen entertainment, wireless internet, blu-ray, ethernet, and a whole lot more or etc... And now Dual display like the Nintendo DS (which was a big success). WOw and for only 599? What a bargain. There is no way the ps3 is going to fail. Its failure proof. It's built up on to many successes and innovations. That's the future.

calderra5844d ago

Ummm... you people need to learn to read. Heh.

"Ken Kutaragi announced that the 20GB version of PlayStation 3 will come with one HDMI port, and the 60GB version will have two HDMI ports for super letterbox display on side-by-side HDTVs."

How the hell do you play on two TVs side-by side? That means the middle of your vision is between two TVs. Are they going Nintenod DS?

Phil Harrison finally came clean (some games look better in 720p) and confirmed that 1080p is too draining for the PS3- trying to do it twice would slow gameplay to an absolute crawl.

The system CANNOT handle two side-by-side HDMI feeds, unless they're just split off and mirrored. And then what's the point? You could just buy a splitter.

THELANDSOFSAND5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

1- i thought production had started? are they just scrapping the older design, or has the 499 version always had HDMI and the $599 always had 2, and sony has only just revealed it?

2- way to focus on supporting 5% of all people who play games. HDMI is really standard! lol

kewlkat0075844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

How is sony changing Sh!t like this, well a major Hardware upgrade when this console is to be released in about 2 months. I wonder how they just add extra un-needed outputs to a board that has already been through the final stages of design? I hope. I'm sure nintendo has Wii's already packaged.

Does anyone think there might be another Delay? Plus is "sony" trying to win over gamers with HDMI? Thats all I've heard about during TGS and price cut. I feel like the games took a backseat while some where only 75% done.

Why was TGS mostly about 1080p games + HDMI + Price cut? WTF, why don't they just market a video player.

OutpostCommand5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Nice one Sony, keep em coming !
They are rather quickly redeeming themselves actually !
Sure only about 0.025% of TV owners will have 2 1080p HDTVs side-by-side, but I rarely complain about overkill.

EDIT: Sony may have already planned something like this a long time ago.
I know im going to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but maybe they planned to lower peoples expectations, then raise them again.
Its a age old business tactic, and Sony may have been planning this from a long time ago.
Its a good tactic.
I know it sounds far fetched, but its possible.

Captain Tuttle5844d ago

"EDIT: Sony may have already planned something like this a long time ago.
I know im going to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but maybe they planned to lower peoples expectations, then raise them again."

If true, they've certainly done a good job on the first part of their plan.

shotty5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Finally some fan that happens to have 2 1080p sitting right next to each other will be able to watch what they are playing on 2 screens. **Idiot**
I have a $5000 saving idea, that I garantee sony hasn't thought of, how about you put a giant mirror beside your TV and you have the exact same effect but without the need to have 2 TVs beside each other.

OutpostCommand5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Why, whats the problem ? Its not as if your loosing out.
1.Your a 360 fanbot, realising that PS3 fans are slowly getting the better deal.
2.Rather ignorant.
3.Ive missunderstood what youve posted. I apologise if so.

kewlkat0075844d ago

Your question should be why would you need 2 HDMI outputs? Can a fanboy give me a great practical reason why? with the price of 1080p tv sets these days.


i suspect the 2 HDMI's aren't for dual output, but as a built in switching box between your PS3's output and another hi-def device, like HD-DVD or HDTV.
almost all HDMI tv's only have one input, so unless people with HDTV want to keep swapping cables, using a 2 HDMI PS3 would make it much easier to intergrate into their setup.

shotty5844d ago

The reason I find it stupied is because how do they go off charging people for 2 HDMI ports when only a fraction of a percent will actually use it. There is a huge line between pratical and adding things in for the sake of things and charging people for it..

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