You Can Pick Up In-Game Health At a Real-World Pharmacy in Robert Bowling’s New Game

Kotaku: "If you needed first-aid supplies, you'd probably go to your local pharmacy or drugstore, right? It only makes sense.

And when you're playing a character in a video game, if that character needs first-aid supplies, you tend to loot them from a hospital or pharmacy. It makes a post-apocalyptic kind of sense."

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killerhog2689d ago

It kinda sounds stupid and quite unnecessary. I'm hurt in a video game let me go 4 miles down to my pharmacy? Dumb

trenso12689d ago

thats why you stack up on supplies

killerhog2689d ago

There's going to be a limit just like all other location based games. It be dumb to let people stack up, without a limit it'll make the game really easy.

trenso12689d ago

alright then? Then ration out how you use you extra supplies. Do you want to stack up on medical supplies but have very little weapons(if they take up space in the same slots). I dont know much about this game but i could add an extra level of difficulty.

pandehz2689d ago

do we need to shoot the pharmacist too?