The End of an Era – Gaming Moves Away From Physical Media

Is the increasing prevalence and acceptance of digital streaming media causing retail to die a slow and painful death? Aaron ponders the possible demise of physical

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2688d ago
Aageer2688d ago

One would think. But there have been rumors that point towards the shift being in the next console iterations.

Nyxus2688d ago

It won't happen next gen.

Tsalagi2688d ago

I'm not going to sugar coat this. Anyone who thinks going completely digital is a good idea is a complete idiot. If you think paying $60+ to "long term rent" a game you deserve every negative aspect that comes with digital distribution.

If you think publishers are going to give you great deals like Steam once you have no choice but to download or not play at all then you are crazy. No shopping around, no trades, no deals. Nothing but high prices and a big f*ck you from publishers if you complain.

Hicken2688d ago

+Bubbles. It's amazing how willing people are to ignore the negatives of something simply because there are a few positives.

Digital-only gaming is a HORRIBLE idea for us gamers, but all most of these fools can see is convenience.

Nintendo has no means to stop us from playing Donkey Kong Country now or 50 years from now because we bought the system and the cartridge and they are legally ours. But in this potentially all-digital world, they could erase "our" game whenver they wanted to, and we'll be left out in the cold.

Yeah, sounds great...