European Union Ruling Strikes a Blow to the All-Digital Market

The EU Court Justice has ruled that the secondhand sale of purchased downloaded content is legal. Aaron explains the ruling and ramifications.

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TheLyonKing2687d ago

Well it might just be me but I still love my physical copies more than the downloadable copies so the longer this all digital market holds off the better.

Trebius512687d ago

I agree...

I like to be able to go somewhere and purchase a physical copy of a game, so that i still have it even if i somehow have no internet connection somewhere or a circumstance happens where acquiring something digitally is made difficult.

At least with my physical copy i know ill always have it, and dont have to worry about Hard Drive limitations or anything like that ...

Call me old school, but i hope physical media is never made obsolete, and im pretty sure a lot of others feel the same way.

Tdmd2687d ago

Not just you. I am terrified with this digital trend. I hate the idea of not having my physical good looking pile of games at my desk. I hate it so much that I even refrain to get games I normaly would (re4 and code veronica hd) for being downloadable only.

BitbyDeath2687d ago

Downloaded Deus Ex the other day and almost went over my cap. 8GB is a lot to download, i certainly could not do it for everything.

Aageer2687d ago

I do as well, but I think it's more for nostalgia purposes than anything else

shaanmjoshi2687d ago

I strongly prefer physical copies as well. Probably has to do with the fact that when I pay for something, I like to physically see and hold it. Also, I'm a collector, and we collectors prefer our physical copies.

dorron2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I prefer physical because it gives you the feeling of actually owning something you paid for. Then you can lend the game to a friend or sell it second hand...and let's not forget the retro nostalgia (what will happen if you want to take out your 10 year old console and play the retro games i f you only had your games digitally in a server and they are removed?)

Saryk2687d ago

Smart ruling, needed to happen along time ago. I think that the end user's right have been trampled. Now since this has passed, there needs to be some safe guards for the developer/publisher.

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