PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is good for gamers

Gamers should stop fuming about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale because competition drives quality.

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2688d ago
Klipz-Wish2688d ago

I remember playing Ominishu Blade Warriors and Digimon Rumble Arena 2 when I had a PS2 and always wondering why there weren't more games in the brawler genre

StrongMan2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Exactly. With all of Sony's exclusive characters a game like this should have been made long ago. The only people who don't like this are die hard fans of another console who don't have nowhere near enough exclusive characters to pull of a game like this and it eats them up that Nintendo and Sony will have an exclusive character brawler and they never will due to lack of exclusive characters.

I mean come on, you need more than a space marine, a guy with a chainsaw gun, and a guy with a flashlight.

Lord_Ranos2688d ago

The Forza driver can be put in there too...

smashcrashbash2688d ago

With all the talent behind this game I can't wait to play it.

doogiebear2687d ago

I never heard of the guys working on. Where are they from? What kind of background do they have (I'm serious).

jujubee882688d ago

Sorry everyone! In reality I actually know this game is awesome and I will buy it on the VITA.

Man, I really need to put my glasses on when I click the agree/disagree field or something.

Again, all these "disagree" votes toward people saying good stuff is actually meant to be "agree" votes. The game is actually really really fun and (now that these "disagree" things are clarified as being "agree" votes) we can all agree with the sheer terrific nature of this game.


PoSTedUP2688d ago

can you please clarify that one more time for me?

Moby-Royale2688d ago

I accidentally disagreed...


I am not your disagree.


jujubee882688d ago

I purposefully agreed