Minato vs Masked Man from Naruto Storm 3

Minato vs Masked Man match from the 2012 Japan Expo.

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tayz2687d ago

wow... minato is exactly the same... the sub bars look nice tho. hope masked man is diff.

Irishguy952687d ago

I'd say Tobi is the same until he gets his new Eyeball.

tayz2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

ohhh and new mask! that would be BEAST!! :) :) :)

Lockon2686d ago

They could have atleast added in the stage they fought on in the anime.

HmongAmerican2686d ago

Apart from the boss battle, it looks and play the same like UNS Generation. Can they just release this as DLC and stop milking the hell out of this franchise.