Playstation’s Future: Vita’s Hidden Aces

The PlayStation Vita is without doubt a powerful system. But can it survive with its current lack of user base and software? BNBGAMING checks out what the future could hold for the Vita.

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Derekvinyard132690d ago

i would buy a vita if i could fully play ps3 games on it. imagine just cause 2, fallout and GTA on that thing?

VitaOwner2690d ago

I checked out release dates for upcoming vita games and there are a lot of games with release dates very close to each other this fall. Hopefully Sony can spread things out more because assassin's creed liberation, persona 4 the golden, and need for speed most wanted are all being released within a week of each other this October for Vita. If even one of those games was released this summer, it would be enough to hold us out till fall. Although, MGS HD Collection is getting played nonstop currently.

ddurand12690d ago

COD is in the fall too, dont know the exact date though.

jujubee882690d ago

The larva will develop a cocoon.

Hicken2690d ago

"Lack of software" again... Largest misconception surrounding the Vita, perpetuated by ignorance and poor "journalism."

SpinalRemains1382690d ago

I find the "Poor battery" to be the worst, actually.
When you have a screen this big and gorgeous, and you get well over 4 hours of continuous gaming, you have an amazing battery. I have no idea what these people are comparing it to. It happens to be one of the best batteries I have ever used in that regard.

Hicken2690d ago

This is also a truth. Running at max, it lasts for quite a while. Every now and then, I'll run it down till it's dead. But that's after about four hours of play, plus it sending Near info and other such stuff.

chrisarsenalsavart2690d ago

i couldn,t agree with you more.
But the real problem is sony do not invest enough money in advertising
look at microsoft how aggressively they advertise.
U see more360 commercials on a playstation website than ps3s
Sony needs to refresh their image and show the quality of their software and hardware .