Haven's Emily Rose joined by Uncharted costars Nolan North and Claudia Black on series' 3rd season

For "Haven" star Emily Rose, it's all about the game: The actress has lured two costars of her hit video-game franchise "Uncharted" to join her supernatural Syfy show this fall.

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sinncross2693d ago

Cool, I enjoy the show. I think it could be better but it works.

Darth Stewie2693d ago

Awesome a mini Uncharted reunion.

stonecold32693d ago

emily is beautiful and talented

Heavenly King2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Great. It is a really good thing that these great actors get a chance to be "real" actors. Maybe if Nolan North performance gets recognized as AAA he could become a bit famous, and star THE DAMN UNCHARTED MOVIE!!!

It would be really cool if the Uncharted Movie has the same video game actors XD.

Axonometri2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I set reminders for Sept. (Micro-trembles)
Edit: My son just asked me "What about Drake?" "Yes Son, Nolan too!."