PC Gamer - Dishonored hands on: rewired death fields, whale bombs and possessed piranhas

"I’m here for Sokolov, the Royal Physician. Not to kill him, but abduct him. A small arrow points in his general direction, but getting into his well guarded building is left to me.

"I start in the streets, two guards chatting up ahead. I creep as close as I can, then Blink past: a short range teleport spell. I appear on the other side, and watch them for any signs of suspicion as I back down an alley.

"Something stops me. It’s a guard. We both spin round, but I’m quicker. The sound of the kill brings the first two guards running, and I have to use an incendiary crossbow bolt to even the odds. As one guard thrashes in flames, I sprint past his friend to hide in a crumbling half-building overlooking the water.

"I ready Wind Blast, hoping to fling him off the edge when he comes through. Instead, a rock comes skittering through the door. What?" writes Tom Francis of PC Gamer

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