DMC 4 demo out tomorrow on Euro XBL, Euro PSN next week

Capcom UK has told CVG that while the demo will also go live tomorrow on the European Xbox Live Marketplace, the Euro PSN Store won't get it until January 31.

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Mr_Kuwabara4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Wasn't this already confirmed to hit Europe next week? I remember the DMC4 site said something about the 31st...

EDIT: Oh I see, but all those news didn't have a Euro confirmation. Good to see Europeans getting it next week. (Although you guys should just make the U.S. account) =P

decapitator4664d ago

Not only was it confirmed, it has been confirmed to hit PSN and XBL. Is not like, those two services are only in the US.


predator4664d ago

@Mr_Kuwabara : euro xbox live gets it tommorow same as US xbox live (which is a change) Euro psn gets it next week unlike the US psn that gets it tommorow.

@decApitator : US and Euro Xbox live/PSN sometimes have different updates, more psn than live. none of those stories mention the euro release or euro psn delay, therefore not a dupliacte.

Cwalat4663d ago

but once again PS3 Europe are letting us down, not only by not releasing the cod4 patch but also by all these late releases, overcharged games... when is SCEE gonna get a grip and treat the customers with more respect?

lonestarmt4663d ago

can this be trusted I mean turok was suppose to come out in feb for PSN users right. haha.

Le-mo4663d ago

It's just a demo. Doesn't matter which console gets it fist. By the time the real game comes out we would all have the time to consider buying this game or not.

HardcoreGamer4663d ago

the demo would be awesome, i do want it available, but i want the full game and i wanna play that from start to end, im gona enjoy dmc because the story seems quite good, well better than the 2nd one,, but like the first and 3rd ,, cant wait

Neurotoxin4663d ago

Yet again European PS3 owners, who are pretty much keeping the PS3 alive in terms of sales, get shafted once more on new content in the PSN store.

Just as well i`ve got a US account because of Sony Europe`s Many Levels of bureaucratic nonsense on getting games/demo`s released when they are ready to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.