We Know Gamers - Preview: Wii U

At E3 2011, Nintendo announced their next console the Wii U and at E3 2012 we were given more details on its specs, games and general release window. Recently, Liban Ali from We Know Gamers got the chance to try out the upcoming console and experience just a few of the titles that will be available near its release.

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metroid322694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Switching from a big screen to a small screen 6.2 inch isnt small for something in your hands this article is RUBBISH.

Trying to bring things into light that no1 has had a problem with is a joke ? and its a quite negative post if you ask me after seing the specs of wiiu its about 4 generations ahead of ps3 as in the gpu was mad in 2011 not shabby at all.

ChickeyCantor2694d ago

And now...


There there....

liban-ali2694d ago

Calm down. I'm not trying to bring the console down but I see where you're coming from. Someone like me who plays games regularly on a 40 inch screen may find it awkward switching to the smaller one. All I mentioned was the adjustment/ getting used to that idea.

As for the Wii U in general, HELL YEAH I look forward to its release and how much the developers can use it, so thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback :)

liban-ali2694d ago

I do not believe we have? Unless you're not talking to me? :P

mike1up2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


It was a play on words (title: We know gamers), we haven't met. I was just trying to be funny, and it backfired.