Resident Evil 6 melee spam makes for an easy game?

Does the all new melee attack in Resident Evil 6 make the game too easy? With the demo in gamers hands, the game is put to the test.

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RaidensRising2687d ago

You wont be able to pull off those moves on pro difficulty. The demo is set for noobs.

NYC_Gamer2687d ago

When will the demo be available for the public?

Colts4202687d ago

You can get it now online :)All you have to do is burn it to dvd and play.Dont need a modded Xbox just like when the RE 5 demo came out. :)

rdgneoz32687d ago

Seeing sa the game has regenerating health, you probably could do it on pro. It'd just take a lot longer.

Also, anyone notice at around 2:02 he completely misses with the knife and the zombie still dies?

bunt-custardly2687d ago

A knife run would probably be quite challenging.

disparage2687d ago

So does the "regenerating health" actually fully restore your bar? I haven't had the chance to play it yet.

Colts4202687d ago

It regenerates but only so far.If u lose more then the block U r on it deosn't come back unless use green herb or first aid spray.Its not like you dont have to heal yourself as some are saying

user54670072687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

So is that your excuse for Capcom

"Oh just put it on a higher difficulty setting"

....Capcom are going to love that

It defeats the point because it's still there at the end of the day.

Remember when you had to lay in a few shots to stun them in RE4

Jeez I love how many people are defending Capcom after they've ruined this game. Good one guys.

disparage2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

And what if the stamina bar depletes faster on higher difficulties? That's the purpose of having Veteran and Professional, to make the game more challenging...and in case you didn't read the first post the demo is set to EASY/AMATEUR. -__-'

sandman2242687d ago

Hip hip hurray you must melee to play!

Biohazard88602687d ago

this game looks worse and worse as the days go by

Straightupbeastly2687d ago

This game has flop written all over it more than a 500 lb guy before he tries to dive in the pool

Sainox162687d ago

I personally don't like the melee feature simply because they took the horror out of it like "holy shit this guy is in front of me shoot shoot! damn need to reload, aah!! damn he got me..fuck." I a miss tht feeling

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