Top 10 Jerkiest Heroes of Gaming

GameDynamo - "When you need someone to save the world, you shouldn't expect your hero to be polite as well as courageous. The characters forced onto these life-threatening missions tend to have plenty of emotional baggage; otherwise they wouldn't have built the strength to fight against the worst the world offers. So while they may be great people, they're certainly not nice people, and they can be downright abusive towards anyone in their way. Here are ten of gaming's greatest knights in not-so-shiny armor."

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Lord_Sloth2696d ago

Kratos isn't a jerk. He's a frikkin Psycho!

Jio2696d ago

You'd be too if a God made you kill your wife and daughter

Lord_Sloth2696d ago

Not sure I'd destroy half the planet as a result of not giving a damn.

SamPao2695d ago

the planet was not destroyed, it was just flooded, like it always happens in mythologies, now a new World will rise! *tatadataaaaaaa*!

Lord_Sloth2694d ago

I said half. Most of the freaking population was killed in his "heroic quest" for a selfish goal! Ergo, he's a freaking psycho, not a jerk of a hero.

Kyosuke_Sanada2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

No Ayame from Tenchu or Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat?

TheLyonKing2696d ago

Squall wasn't a jerk. That is the kind of observation someone makes if they don't play and understand the game.

Go play the game and understand why he behaves in that way and tell me he didn't have a hard life. He is closed of cause he had no one left and was scared to let people in in-case they left. This jerkiness you "observe" is a mere protection so he doesn't get emotionally hurt and near the end he opens up anyway so QTF.