Ubisoft dev on Wii U: "It's really cool"

Nintendo's next home video game console, the Wii U, is set to release late this year. Various game developers, of course, are already busy making games for the not-yet-available console to ensure that there is game software ready to be played when the device hits retailers.

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Ramon3MR2686d ago

Always good to hear developers get excited over a platform.

donman12686d ago

I see Nintendo having another huge success on their hands... This also means trying to get on in your hands is going to be a problem... sigh!!! Thank God for email notification of when inventory is in stock.

FinalomegaS2686d ago

i had to go out of the city to get one the last time.

This time... Going to pre-order with

Wonder if i can trade in my old wii to get a discount on the wiiu. Don't play with it anymore since i've been living on Diablo3 =/ ( i know that's sad)

SactoGamer2686d ago

I know some retailers (RadioShack, for example) will take in used consoles for store credit. Maybe you can find something like that for your Wii?

Tuxmask552686d ago

I am undecided about the Wii U. Does anybody know what it'll cost yet?

FinalomegaS2686d ago

if it's expensive the nintendo CEO knows it won't sell especially with their 3DS experience.

So I'm 100% sure it won't some crazy pricing.

I can only speculate 349.99$, but 379.99$ Canadian seems more realistic for me...+ tax... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 400.00$

DeadlyFire2686d ago

Above Wii's launch price and below Xbox 360's launch price. That is all that is really confirmed.

Nintendo has a new sales plan for WiiU. Announce all of its details just days before it launches!!

metroid322685d ago

about £225 in the UK maybe up to £275 im getting one.

AO1JMM2686d ago

That man speaks the truth.....

leahcim2686d ago

"yes and zombie U is great too"

pd: please buy it.

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