Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Is Coming to Xbox 360 on July 17/18 for Free, No ETA for PS3 and PC

MP1st - "Mark Rubin has announced that the Modern Warfare 3 version of Terminal will be released on July 17th for Elite premium members, July 18th for everyone else on Xbox 360. As we previously reported, Xbox 360 owners will receive the Modern Warfare 2 map first."

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Lovable2687d ago

Free? Activision? MW maps? The world is ending alright...

Criminal2687d ago

This and the free Face Off maps, something doesn't seem right.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2687d ago ShowReplies(3)
JBSleek2687d ago

Can I get Favela please? I know I'm asking for too much lol.

RioKing2687d ago

Favela! With my luck, they'll release it right before Blops2 comes out and I won't get to enjoy it for too long :(

StayStatic2687d ago

So it should be especially if you own MW2.

sandman2242687d ago

Free is great unless you feel shafted because you bought the elite.

RioKing2687d ago

Yeah I feel totally shafted because I bought the elite and actually SAVED money compared to buying each map pack individually.

I only feel shafted when Xbox gets their stuff before PS3

sandman2242687d ago

Elite is great but it can be cheaper if you buy the map pack individually the reason being that you create an acoustic on your girlfriends ps3? And one on your brothers ps3 then you split the map pack 3 ways. It ends up being a lot cheaper FYI. So yes compared to me you got shafted real hard with a rusty pipe!!

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The story is too old to be commented.