Gamers Would Pay Over The Odds For A Early Digital Copy Of Black Ops 2 - Chaos Hour

Yes you read that right! We have asked numerous gamers who love and adore the Call of Duty franchise if: Activision charged £49.99 for a digital download of the game a week before release date would they buy it. This would mean that the gamer would not have a physical copy of the game, instead it would be saved to their Xbox360, PSN, or PC Account but they would be able to play the game online a week before anyone else

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WeskerChildReborned2695d ago

Well their are pros and cons like one pro is that you can't damage the game since it's not a physical copy and a con is that you won't be able to trade it back if you dislike it and if you lose your account it's stored on then you won't be ableto get it back.

dazzrazz2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Just wondering what kinda imbecile do you have to be to damage the disc ? :) Unless its some unfortunate bizarre accident, what do people do with discs ?

anyway I hope this will never happen in any case of a different game, we already get fucked in the ass by many publishers going digital was suppose to be cheaper not pricier and more rape approved

WeskerChildReborned2695d ago

I don't damage disks but they get scratched and maybe a little munchkin takes my disks and brakes em so yea but i keep em safe.

TheGamingArt2695d ago

.... and I wouldn't touch it with a stick