BioWare Did Right By Us

EM writes: The Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 fixes everything or fixes nothing depending on what issues you might have had with the original endings. If you wanted Commander Shepard to emerge victorious and unscathed that's still not the case, and if you preferred the ambiguity of the original endings you're probably not very happy right now. If all you wanted was to see the gaping plot holes filled in, BioWare handed you a good package. They managed to make the endings smoother and more complete without unduly changing the core ideas that defined them.

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Irishguy952686d ago

Well, it certainly gives some closure except for the 'destroy' ending still which was always confirmed to leave you alive, I guess that's a plot hole though, how no one found Shepard.

But, the ending is still mediocre at best. Casper sucks as a plot device

FarCryLover1822686d ago


I have a feeling that the next trilogy of ME games will resurrect Shepard again and it will focus on rebuilding the relays and protecting it from extremists who do not want the relays to be reinstated.

aliengmr2686d ago

Except there won't be a next trilogy. BioWare has said time and again that this is it for Shep and for the ME universe post ME3. Specifically mentioning that because post ME3 is a "wasteland", it wouldn't be very fun.

"If" they decide to revisit the ME universe it will be in period prior to ME3.

FarCryLover1822686d ago

I don't think Bioware are done with the ME series. I know they've said it's the end for Shepard, but they can always be lying or making things up to keep us surprised in the future.

Agent_00_Revan2685d ago

And Kojima said Mgs2 would be his last. Then we got 3, 4, PW, and soon to be 5.

Hamill said he was done with voicing the Joker, then he came back and voiced the DC Universe expansion.

Nothing is written in stone.

FrightfulActions2685d ago

I agree. They will definitely revisit the ME universe, but its extremely unlikely it will be set after the events of ME3. Also, future games are very unlikely to carry on the number scheme. For example, there will not be a Mass Effect 4. Mass Effect 1-3 was Shepard's story. Its over. The next game will follow the suit of the handheld games (Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect Infiltrator) and use a subtitle. So the next console Mass Effect game will be "Mass Effect: Subtitle"

Continuing on from ME3, as in, having the game set after the events of ME3, would be nearly impossible due to the differences of the endings. The endings of ME3 weren't something as subtle as "I saved the council". In one of the endings, all organic life has been merged with synthetics. All are 'connected and joined' for eternal peace and understanding. Tralala. The only ending that leaves reasonable room to expand is Destroy (regardless of 'breathing' scene). Those three choices have to have huge consequences, if they made a Mass Effect 4 and it turns out those thee choices accounted to what you get to read in a brief "this is what Shepard did long long ago" and nothing more, then it kinda defeats the purpose.

Future Mass Effect games will be set in a timeline before Mass Effect 3, or during. Not after. James Vega might get his own spinoff game(just as Jacob Taylor did). I mean, he is getting a anime movie made for him (Mass Effect Paragon Lost).

Mythicninja2685d ago

Explain to me though why I would want to play something that happens before ME3 when whatever the 'threat' is, it's going to be less important and threatening than the return of the reapers, which we know are already in the future. ME in the past = no motivation for me to play it

aliengmr2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Seems to me BioWare pulled a "rocks fall" because they want to be done with ME. Could they go back on what they said? Sure. But, based on what they said (which is the only evidence available) they intended ME3 to be the end.

Its just my opinion "why" I think they ended ME3. What they said is fact, until they change their minds. Can't assume they are going to act in the same way as Kojima or any other developer.

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