Halo 4 Dev: “Nothing’s ever easy when you’re creating a game”

X360: Halo 4 is set to reinvent Bungie’s game for a new audience, but according to creative director at 343 Industries, Josh Holmes, it hasn’t been easy…

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jimmins2686d ago

I bet something is. Drawing a tree is quite easy.

Dailynch2686d ago

Also, what about lunch? I bet they've eaten loads of lunches while working on Halo 4. What's so hard about that!?

Dovahkiin2686d ago

What if someone stole all the sandwiches? That would make for a hard lunch.

WildArmed2686d ago

Probably the hardest thing is inheriting an IP, esp. such a popular one.
If you mess this up or even if it's not what people expected, the blame will come down on you.

In that sense, making a new IP gives you more of a breather.

If you have been continuing the IP you have created, I think that falls below a new IP in terms of stress and effort.

But inheriting a popular IP and expecting to improve it has got to be the worst kind of burden. I wish 343 the best of luck, I know they'll need it. (Just like all the other devs out there that are inheriting established IPs)

JBSleek2686d ago

I completely agree. They are expecting to take over one of if not the best first person shooter franchise and build upon it without killing what made the shooter who it is.

So far it seems like they have done a good job but it has to be a tough job non the less.

MasterD9192686d ago

They certainly have a whole lot of attention on I'm sure the pressure alone to get it right is through the roof.

But at the same time, the success is well worth the price.