Why Capcom Are The Worst Developers Of Our Time [eGamer]

An eGamer journalist looks at some of the many mistakes Capcom have made, and explains why they are bad developers for gamers.

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user54670072686d ago

Hell there that bad you don't even have to explain

Make someone compare RE1-3 or RE4 to RE6 and they'll see why

Oh maybe you can show them the locked content they stored away on a games retail disc.

Even showing someone what they've let happen to DMC with the reboot would be a good show and tell aswell.

Trebius512686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Was about to say the same thing. Just look at what they did with Resident Evil ...

I dont mind so much the change to DMC, cause the gameplay stayed the same, theyre just changing some of the character designs and giving it a better story/voice acting, which i dont mind ... but just the fact that they dont listen to their fans at all is one indication of them going astray.

I wouldnt say theyre the worst, but theyre a runner up for sure.

In my opinion Squaresoft (Squarenix) is the worst. THey fell appart completely.

2686d ago
abzdine2685d ago

You forgot Square Enix, they are even worse.

Hicken2685d ago

They're really not, though. And they've been more a publisher than a developer this gen, anyway.

Tzuno2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

People still buy Capcom still laughs. So many questions, why that developer do that, Why blah blah blah. Because they can. Stop buying their games if you don't feel ok with what they release and if sales number hurts maybe then they will listen the players.

Roper3162685d ago

I use to love Capcom games, now I wouldn't pay .05 for one of their half games with the other half of the game being day 1 paid dlc. Then throw in the butcher job they did to RE and the fact the keep releasing the same fighting games over and over with a few extra x's or alpha at the end of the name. Wish Capcom would just go away already.

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