Conspiracy time: Is Watch Dogs actually Assassin's Creed 4?


Ubisoft's Watch Dogs took E3 by storm. It was one of only a handful of new IPs at the show - or was it? Rumours are buzzing online that 'Watch Dogs' is actually a codename, and that the game is, in fact, a modern day Assassin's Creed sequel. Madness? Maybe, but it's an intriguing idea.

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Emilio_Estevez2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

That could make a lot of sense. Or it could be gibberish. Would be a genius marketing move though.

Seraphemz2695d ago

I lean more towards gibberish.

Its a dumb theory..

NewMonday2695d ago

Right after E3 i said this was most likely soposed to be the modern day AC with Desmond, but was turned to a spin-off for the extra $$$.

DasTier2695d ago

How do you manage to comment on everything i look at? Young Guns FTW!

Emilio_Estevez2695d ago

Must have similar tastes I guess, also I look at pending a lot so I manage to see things first more often then not.

ApolloTheBoss2695d ago

I can't even imagine how awesome a move this would be if Ubisoft did this. I still want it to be it's own game though.

milohighclub2694d ago

Thing I picked up from watching the trailer again.

It's made by Montreal.
As the trailer starts it builds the city (kinda) like an evolved version or when the animus builds the towns.
When the lead starts to run he looks like he's gonna burst into an assassin's run but the player doesn't hold the run button thus the character jogs instead.
All the icons that appear above ncps are evolved versions of the markers that appear above ncps in a.c.
When the phone is used the lines that come off are very animus like.
When he's escaping he brings up a kinda weapon wheel which is very similar to that of a.c.
The art in dot connexion is very assassin's creed like.
The lead IS an assassin, or at least that's his job.
His m8 ends the convo with good hunting. Ubisoft announced hunting will be in a.c3.
when the character falls his roll is very much like ezios.

Pretty sure Ubisoft announced that u can climb freely around the city... think that's it for now.

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fermcr2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


Crysis is Assasin's Creed 5.
Halo is Assasin's Creed 6.
Star wars is Assasin's Creed 7.

and wait for it....

God of war is Assasin's Creed -1 ... or you could call it a prequel. :)

EDIT: OK... Star wars is Assasin's Creed -2... the prequel of the prequel.

DasTier2695d ago

Silly Wabbit, Star Wars was in the past.

TheNocturnus2695d ago

So is Assassin's Creed...

MysticStrummer2695d ago

Not only a long time ago, but also in a galaxy far, far away.

roadkillers2695d ago

No, Ubisoft doesn't make any of those games. What makes this rumor so cool is that Ubisoft is making both games and a futuristic/present AC is coming.

violents2695d ago

Yeah I think its just internet rumor, why would they release any info this close to AC3's release. You dont want to overshadow your current release by clouding the air with the next one. Most definitly not a new AC game.

Although i think it would be cool to have a modern day AC game where you get to run rooftops and such in the city hunting down obstergo agents. That would be awsome.

milohighclub2694d ago

That's why they havent announced it as a.c. That are gonna do a modern day assassins creed and in my mind this is what iT would be like. Also why release 2 similar games from the same studio especially when a modern day a.c. game would be like this. It makes no sense.

InTheLab2695d ago

Wouldn't that be a spectacular kick in the balls if it were true. Tease a new IP, then bammmmm....same old sameyness part 4.

mochachino2695d ago

Woah, the author has just opened up a philosophical gaming can of worms.

Is a game still the same game by a different name? People praised Ubi for the new IP, would Watch Dogs seem less impressive as the 6th Assassins Creed release in as many years.

Would Mario be as good if the gameplay remained identical but didn't involve Mario?

Are games about gameplay or some deeper emotional reaction to characters and brands?

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The story is too old to be commented.