Video iWear designed for videogame consoles

Meet the iWear AV920-C, the latest innovation offered up by the creative boffins at Vuzix Corporation, which specializes in entertainment-based Video Eyewear. Built on the back of the existing AV920, the new AV920-C offers up the equivalent of a 62-inch screen and twin 640x480 high-resolution LCD displays while also factoring compatibility with videogame consoles.

Vuzix is also keen to stress that a special zoom feature makes the iWear AV920-C the perfect piece of visual kit for usually cramped split-screen multiplayer sessions.

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BrotherNick4665d ago

That's cool...That'll immerse you into the action, just you and your game.

xsteinbachx4665d ago

i think it's almost a prerequisite that you can't be laid within the last year to use this product.

2 cents4665d ago

This is cool, but i how will you be able to see the controler?