Are Square-Enix tricking us with Final Fantasy 7 PC?

Product-Reviews writes: We have noticed something of interest from a series of screenshots. These screenshots show HD scenes from the game, but you may spot that some of the images used are not even featured in the game as a cutscene. For example, we see Barret and his daughter in the flower church – we don’t remember that being in the game? We also see a lovely picture of Cid sitting on top of the Tiny Bronco overlooking Rocket Town, but that screenshot implies that the game has been given a HD upscale? Are Square-Enix just misleading us to think that the game has been improved graphically, when actually the game has been completely untouched from the original?

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Ranma12685d ago

Yes they are, by the way its Square Anus, not Square Enix.

Those guys have really forgotten where they come from and who made them what they are

danswayuk2685d ago

Well said, looks strange to me.

dazreah2685d ago

Sorry but who made them what they where??

3GenGames2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Square Soft and Enix of the 8/16bit era made themselves by producing great games like Chrono Trigger, FF III, Illusion of Gaia, EVO, Terranigma, Star Ocean, Secret of Mana, and Breath of Fire (to name a couple decent games). Then they combined forces after they both forgot you have to have a great story in conjunction with great controls and great game play to make a great game. Now they just make generic RPG's and are saving a remake of a game called Final Fantasy VII for when they want to save themselves from bankruptcy and try to say they can make a good game compared to what they used to make separately.

Odoylerules0002685d ago

I have no idea who made them who they are. I'm guessing they're who made them who they are. I don't recall doing any game design or programming for them, do you? Does the fact that I've bought most of their games before the current generation entitle me to saying I made them who they are? NOPE. They made a good product, I bought it. Good for us both. Although you could argue that since the merger of Square/Enix that they've gone downhill.

360ICE2685d ago

Oh, stop being so relentlessly politically correct. I mean, run for senator much?

yojimbo_slice2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Square Enix has never made a good game, ever. The only games they put out worth playing are old Square games.

SE is the bane of RPGs, where Square reigned king.
We should get an angry mob together and burn down Wada's house.

AIndoria2684d ago

@Slice : Tactics Ogre *Cough* the World Ends with you *cough*

360ICE2684d ago

@On Square not making a good game ever.

I know FFXII hasn't catched on, but it is a good game. Arguably FFXIII is too. But then again, these are continunations of an old series started by Squaresoft, so sure.

Same with KH2

yojimbo_slice2684d ago

@Alndoria : *cough* Tactics Ogre was *cough* remake *cough*

That leaves EniX with ONE, count it, ONE GOOD ORIGINAL GAME SINCE 2003.

@360ICE : XII was alright, but it used the universe that Square created with tactics. Again they have to leech from Square. A far to common practice with Enix.

It's not like I'm hating Enix to be a dick, I want them to do well, truly. I grew up playing Square games. The Final Fantasy series practically made me the gamer I am today, but the fact of the matter is that Enix has lost touch with some of their original fanbase.

Every SE game I've played besides XII and WEWY has been nothing but pretty graphics and no substance. I waited for years for XIII and they shat all over my face with this emotional anime bullshit story about crystal monsters and old summons. Then they decide to make another one? And I hear rumors of a third? Not to mention the catastrophe that was XIV.

Square Enix makes games like a piece of shit covered in gold dust. Yeah it's pretty, but everything else about it fucking stinks. I truly hope for a return to form soon.

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iamtehpwn2685d ago

Anyone who thinks these screenshots are a trick is an idiot. These were the original promotional images for Final Fantasy VII.

Vynzent2685d ago

Yeah, well, we live in a world of idiots. You're right, these screens are old, I see them when I put my FF7 cd's in my playstation.

How are they a trick, exactly?

Run_bare2685d ago

Yes, they are old, I really wish they investigate more before they write an article. But my guess is the writer are a young kid who don't know better. Is not saying that I am an old dinosaur that play FF7 during graduation of High School.

Blastoise2685d ago

I think he's trying to say that its the old FF fans that supported them, and now its them that's getting screwed over with terrible mainstream money grabbing games like FF 13. Right?

ChronoJoe2685d ago

It's just a repackaging, the old version on PC was very buggy. Also it should be able to output higher resolutions now, you shouldn't really expect more than that. Of course they aren't going to modify the game from a 10 year old build without remaking it, and if they were it'd be on console, not on PC.

Mounce2685d ago

Who made them and what they are?

Well, obviously, since Hironobu Sakaguchi is at his own studio and all, xD

colonel1792685d ago

Wasn't there an interview now so long ago with SE saying that they will be focusing on releasing NEW games instead of OLD games? Man, those guys are smoking something really powerful, because since 2006, they have made no sense at all!

Blasphemy2684d ago

The developers who made them are no longer with the company.

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ricky3602685d ago

Not the first time I've seen screenshots mislead the gamer.

tr00p3r2685d ago

Where it all go wrong for my once favorite game developer..?

gaffyh2685d ago

When they merged with Enix.

Godmars2902685d ago

I'm not saying FF5-9 were bad, FF5-6 were certainly just as good as FF4, just that from then on Square started putting more of an emphasis on the big dramatic scene and character melodrama. That were Cecil, Locke and Terra were well defined and balanced as protagonist, Cloud, Squall Yuna and Tidus were either presented as being too emotional or not emotional enough. And then there's the detail of going from multiple vehicles and mini-games, to just card games then nothing at all.

Godmars2902685d ago

It happened before the merger gaffyh. Ever since FF2 they've been trying to introduce a grandiose cinematic air within the series game elements, pretty much got it right with FF4, but then went the other way.

thesummerofgeorge2685d ago

I disagree, I think X is where they went wrong. God awful voice acting and character animations, and far too linear for my taste. I just don't think the technology and voice acting were up to snuff to effectively deliver the Final Fantasy experience.

wishingW3L2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

To me FFX was one of the best but I understand what you mean. The linearity and other stuff was the turning point of the series... After that it was all downhill. And not to mention it was the first game in the series to have a direct sequel and it was godawful even if the battle system was great.

Arnagrim2685d ago

All of these images were in the game when it was released on PC back in the day. They showed up in the shell menus when installing the game.

2685d ago
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