Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Aesthetically, the Wii titles closely resembled the brilliant Gamecube Resi-remakes, and looked great without troubling the best that the current gen has to offer. This 1080p HD overhaul has undoubtedly improved things. Everything is sharper, and the foggy effect you so often get with Wii games has been eradicated making it easier to see what is going on. There are still some muddy bits, particularly in the first title of the two, as well as during the cutscenes, but it is hard to complain when the gameplay is so much fun, and the Move controls work so accurately. Neither game is perfect, but they are fun, and offer a chance to compete for some new Trophies, or attempt to top the online Leaderboards and become, to paraphrase Barry Burton, the master of headshots."

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