Where Was and Where Is Rareware?

"If you are like Bronspn, a child of the 90s who grew up playing primarily Nintendo consoles, chances are to this day you hold an affinity for two companies. The first being Nintendo, yes the proprietor of Mario, Zelda, and company being the obvious first of the two. The second being Rareware. Yes, Rare, the company that brought back Donkey Kong and almost single handedly made the N64 worth owning. Now currently Rare might be the most under-utilized tool Microsoft has forced to make Kinect games, but before we talk about what Microsoft should do with Rareware, lets take a look back at their history then a look at the possible future."

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ChickeyCantor2693d ago


The fact 5 people agree with you scares the hell out of me.

Salamander2693d ago

Thats abit harsh dude.

"Where Was and Where Is Rareware?"

"What was Rareware up too before and where are they now?"

ChickeyCantor2693d ago


No it's not harsh.
The syntax of that phrase is perfectly fine. There is nothing confusing about it.

Septic2692d ago

Its a missed opportunity on MS' part. There are so many great potential titles that can be made and hearing that Rare has been resigned to making Kinect shovelware is all the more painful.

The likes of Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo Kazooie etc are all amazing ip's and have been criminally neglected.

california2693d ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

ljh2172692d ago

From what I've read before, most of rare's talent flew the coop a long time ago!

Still, Kinect Sports 1 + 2 are still the best of the Kinect games on the market, although that's not saying much it's at least something.

Alos882693d ago

Rare is no more, only ShovelRare remains.

Oh_Yeah2692d ago

microsoft and xbox owners gained nothing from buying rare. when they bought them i was expecting some new conkers, banjo, star fox type classics. or atleast to continue them. what did they do? rehashed conker, turned banjo into some car building game for kids....then they released a pinata game and kameo -__- microsoft now has them working on kinect projects only.

militant072693d ago

I want more games like banjo and viva pinata

Megaton2693d ago

Subjugated to making Kinect shovelware and avatar clothing in Microsoft's basement.

ChunkyLover532693d ago

Could be worse, they could end up closed down like so many other studios.

I prefer Microsoft's handling of Rare over Sony's handling of Zipper.

StrongMan2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

What about how MS closed down:

FASA Studios
Carbonated Games
Ensemble Studios
Ace Studios

With the extreme rapidly declining sales of Forza, Turn 10 might be next.

Megaton2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

So you prefer wasting talent to closing down studios lacking it? Not to mention that Rare is one of the only studios Microsoft hasn't closed down...


Disccordia2693d ago

MS also opened 8 new studios..

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