5 things PS4 needs at launch to beat Xbox 720's Mike Harradence writes:

"Sony’s had time to lick its wounds and learn from its blunders. As such, PS4 should be more than equipped to leave the gates all guns blazing – but here’s 5 things we think are a must have for launch to give it the edge over Xbox 720."

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theWB272691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Id say those reasons are ok...but I don't think Sony will beat Microsoft and vice versa. I think those dominating days are gone. Microsoft didn't beat Sony this gen, but they did beat the odds and become a bigger player than some experts thought when they first announced they were entering the hardware race. And allot faster.

Sony has their fans as Microsoft...the biggest worry for both systems is price point. I'd love to get both systems again.

DarthJay2691d ago

This is, by far and away, the best way to look at everything. Xbox has their fans and Playstation has their fans. No one needs to beat anybody. Just have fun and play your games. Kudos.

Dread2691d ago

what blunders???

Sony never makes mistakes.

at least they never seem to make mistakes if you visit N4G and read the comment sections.


Outside_ofthe_Box2691d ago

And according to you Microsoft never makes mistakes... So I can see why you are troubled by some of the comments here.

smashcrashbash2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

According to many gamers no console ever made any mistakes.According to fanboys Nintendo and Microsoft has done everything right for years and every console was a success

hellvaguy2689d ago

You mean Sony and MS only ever make minor trivial mistakes. Nintendo is for kids and grannies, no ty.

Yangus2691d ago

PS4 needs more than just Nathan Drake or Kratos....100% true,true....

h311rais3r2691d ago

And xbox needs more than chief and fenix.....what's your point

sandman2242691d ago

It needs a shi! Load of ram and a redesigned controller that steals from the 360's controller. Also a killzone game that runs on 60 fps with graphics identical to the trailer released years ago when killzone 2 was announced. They also need to back up 3rd party support 100%!so we don't get ports.

Hicken2691d ago

It needs NOTHING from the 360 controller. I can use that thing, but I'd much rather not. I've been using the same general controller for 15 years; I'll be damned if they change that now.

And the graphics in that trailer have already been surpassed... multiple times. And, honestly, I don't know if I want Killzone running at 60fps. I don't want it to start feeling like Call of Duty, a franchise I currently can't stand.

Ports will happen. It's asinine to think they won't exist. Ensuring we don't get BAD ports would be nice, but that's not something Sony can control, because they're THIRD PARTIES, and they'll do- or not do- whatever the hell they want.

The only thing you were partially correct on is that the PS4 could do with more RAM.

2691d ago
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