Battlefield 3: Close Quarters review - OPM UK

Enjoyable as this new chunk of DLC is, it’s also Dice unashamedly attempting to ape Modern Warfare 3 and by doing so lure away a few of its less vehement contingent like a pied piper in camo paint. Close Quarters ditches everything Battlefield for a bit, preferring instead a giddy festival of twitch-killing that COD players will find extremely familiar and the BF3 hardcore will enjoy as a break from all the thousand-yard snipes if nothing else.

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PCGamingNoobs2685d ago

i would have said 8/8.5

really looking forward to the motor cross bikes though, it would be the last pack -_- lol

Sucitta2685d ago

if I wanted to play adhd catering, skill not needed call of duty, I'd go buy call of duty.

this map pack was a slap to the face for true battlefield fans.

EA shamelessly wants to attract cod preteens, which makes then a bit of a balding greed infested pedo imo.