Diehard GameFAN: The Amazing Spider-Man Review

DHGF: One would not expect a game based on a movie to be the standard by which all other games in a franchise would be judged, but there have been exceptions. Rare’s Goldeneye is still THE Bond game. And Spider-Man 2, based on the movie of the same title, is still the Spider-Man game that all others must be compared to. The first open world Spidey game, Spider-Man 2 had you living the life of our costumed vigilante as never before. The long steel canyons of Manhattan Island became your playground as you raced to defeat goons, rescued lost balloons, and climbed to the tops of many of New York’s famous landmarks, all while using a web swinging mechanic that has been viewed as the best of all time ever since. The mini games might have gotten old the longer you played it, but knowing that at any time you could boot up your system and go swinging and be in total control is a feeling that would be a hard one to eclipse.

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