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GR-UK: We caught up with id's studio director Sam Willits at Bethesda's booth at E3 to talk the company's upcoming re-release of Doom 3 with the BFG Edition and the studio's other titles.

Watch the full GRTV interview as we talk going 3D ("I think it's actually better than some modern day first-person 3D games"), Rage iOS plans ("we need to evaluate to see if we want to continue it") and readying for the future ("we're trying to structure our engineering team, our core tech team, to prepare") amongst other things. Most heartbreaking of all? No chance of the Doom movie making it into the BFG Edition ("there's not enough space on the disc").

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Dark_Overlord3804d ago

'On Rage's future

"We have a few things that we may announce soon. We haven't forgotten about the title."'

How about the DLC you promised before and after launch?

konnerbllb3803d ago

They made doom 3 more noob friendly.. sums up what he said about it.

flashlight + weapon
more ammo
more lighting


-less suspense between checking the dark environment
-burn ammo! who cares! There's more just around the corner
-Why have dark areas where enemies can hide when we can just light it all up so you don't even need a flashlight.