WWE’13 Question & Answers about Pin System, Viscera, Brodus Clay and More!

**Disclaimer to fans: Please note that with some questions can only be answered on what has been seen or heard. For example if his version has no entrance attire for a certain wrestler and they add it for the next version We will update that, but as of now we can only go by whats there. **

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FutureWWEChampion2691d ago

this is pretty good news to honestly i can live without brodus clay being in the game i mean the whole somebody call my momma bit is really annoying he is just trying to look good after what he did to edge.

Cra2yey32691d ago

After reading this, it sounds the exact same as 12 and I hated 12. Attitude era tag line is what will make this game sell.

FutureWWEChampion2690d ago

I agree i mean hopefully there universe mode has upgraded to give us more control but only time will tell,i wanna hear more new but we all gotta wait till summerslam.

evilhasitsway2688d ago

awesome love that ddp is day one dlc wish they could get too cool and rikishi in too.

DasTier2687d ago

That pin system sounds awful, I hate it in these games when you can last ride/tombstone even some jobber like slater around 5 times and they still get up within 10 seconds. We should have an option for people to stay down a lot longer