Fans Call for Removal of Chris Brown From Xbox Dashboard

Wesley Copeland of VGI reports...

"Yesterday, a post appeared on the official forums petitioning for the removal of Chris Brown advertisements from the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft's response to the post was to remove it, citing that the message was “unrelated.”"

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KMCROC542696d ago

Hey maybe he catholic you know thier allowed to Sin six days of the week then confess on Sundays & all is forgiving after a few small heart felt prayers.

HarryMasonHerpderp2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

You > Christianity

Shepherd 2142696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Six and a half if you count the rest of the day after theyre out of church at noon.

joab7772695d ago

Yeah. Who cares about what has happened. He should b removed because he is terrible...a bum. Someone who beats on women is high on my list of deuchebags.

Droid Control2696d ago

But what if he's repented? He probably hasn't, but what if he's a changed man.

Let's for arguments sake he is, how long before he can get on with his life?

Hayabusa 1172696d ago

I agree, if he asks for to be forgiven and shows remorse, he should get along with his life. I hope he hasn't then because I have to admit this article is a little too amusing and bizarre. I'd quite like to see him kicked off dashboard advertisements, power to the people e.t.c. but mostly 'cose I just don't want to see his ugly mug on my XBox.

Pozzle2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

If his twitter is anything to go by, he hasn't. :(
It probably doesn't help that he seems to use all the negative press as a way to gain more attention, and that he thinks he's some sort of "role model" for what he did to Rihanna:

Mounce2696d ago

Sounds like a cunt :/ Twitter post like that pretty much is a 'comes from the horses mouth' in showing his attitude.

Markatansky2696d ago

Until he works his way back up from the bottom, personally. No one who did what he did deserves to be back where he is today with so little effort.

SirBradders2696d ago

Thats the point why should all these high fliers get away with what they do, if it was a working class man they be strung up and hung out to dry it would go on their permanent record and affect the rest of their lives. Society is a messed up place.

TLG19912696d ago

exactly a "celeb" does something againt the law, slap on the wrist or 1 day in "prison" which is usually just a protected house where they can do what they want still.

working ordinary person goes aganist the law in the exact same manner, they get how ever many years, criminal record to stop them getting future jobs. and in the case of what this guy did probably get beat down in prison.

double standards and for what, we are all the same creatures.

Hayabusa 1172696d ago

Exact same manner? How about not paying for a train ticket or smoking a spliff, not quite the same as beating your girlfriend into a pulp, but that's the kind of sht the working class does time for.

WeskerChildReborned2696d ago

Well they got the money to do that but if it was murder, they would usually go to Prison but yea, i find it unfair that celebs barely get any punishment.

SirBradders2695d ago


The way the law system is set up in most places is that if you have the cash for the best lawer you get away with most crap or a seriously reduced sentence.
The world needs revolution the current system is set up for rich people 1 example: All these loop holes in taxes etc... why do they still exist simple the goverment dont care because they probably abuse it themselves.

Kran2696d ago

Thats how Microsoft solve all their problems.

Done something wrong by accident that's actually against the thousands of rules you CBA to read through?


AgreeFairy2696d ago

Lets talk about the REAL issue of the article...

The picture has his gamertag blocked yet they link to a forum post of him ranting again with the same message. Why even bother trying to hide his name?

Also, lol @ complaining about this. Microsoft doesn't care if you hate their ads. You pay to use their service and they shove ads in your face regardless if you like it or not. That's what they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.