Far Cry 3: "Not About Cheap Thrills & Titillation" - Ubisoft

Far Cry 3's E3 demo was full of breasts, swearing, violence, gore and drug induced insanity. But Ubisoft has explained that the subjects are all handled maturely in the game, and that they are no different to TV. Full quotes here.

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Feckles2690d ago

Yeah... that POV sex scene really adds a lot to the gameplay and narrative.

chanmasta2690d ago

Didn't realize you had played the game already.

fastrez2690d ago

I hope they're right. It'd actually be nice to see these subjects handled in something other than a puerile manner. I'm not sure they're the ones to pull it off though. Guess we'll see at launch.

hazelamy2690d ago

yeah, and next they tell us about this bridge they've got for sale. ^_^

Laxman2690d ago

Game looks good, look forward to playing it :)

-Gespenst-2690d ago

I can't deny that this game looks good. But it's still totally stupid. Outside of the cutscenes the game becomes about killing people in the 'coolest' possible ways you can. Yeah, real mature.

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