6 things Dead Island 2: Riptide needs to fix

OPM UK writes: With Dead Island 2 on the way and called Riptide, these are the things the sequel has to get right this time.

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Hellsvacancy2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Ive yet to play Dead Island, is it worth picking up? is there more to it than kill zombies, looked liked an arcade game when i looked at it b4, racking up points from killing zombies

Forza_is_King2692d ago

I highly recommend it. It's a cult classic. Killing the zombies is very satisfying. Weapons in the game consist mainly with melee type weapons so it's not your typical Left 4 Dead clone running around shooting. There is actually some strategy.

Also, the RPG elements in the game are awesome, making some very unique and entertaining weapons upgrades and mods.

4 player co-op with you friends is a BLAST.

The story is actually a reasonable story. Still a lot of your typical fetch quests side mission types but you can't go wrong with an open world zombie killing game with RPG elements on a tropical island.

I recommend it. You can find a used copy out there for $20

calibann2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Very honest recommendation, I concur. Single player is a pretty nerve wreaking and lonely experience and I wouldn't recommend the game if you have no one to play it with. Play it with a buddy or three and this game is an absolute joy. Co-op saved it.

Edit: Play it on analogue melee mode. Adds depth to the combat. (You use the stick to choose which way to swipe, instead of just mashing The shoulder button.)

Fishy Fingers2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I picked it up on sale for the PC not long after launch. Sure, its a little rough around the edges, but I enjoyed it. Pretty basic plot, pretty basic RPG elements, but picked up used or cheap. Its worth a play through, no doubt. Especially if played online/co-op.

Admittedly, they're isnt much other than, go here, do/complete that, kill them. But when you break it down, isnt that the basics of most games.

£10-15, well worth it IMO. Good 20+ hours to be had.

an0nym0us2692d ago

Those men are deceiving you, the game is a mindless hack and slash, no tactics thanks to endless zombie aggro(the game has it's moments of satisfaction though), corny characters, and did i mention a broken weapon system AND leveling system, the story is ass too, and the environments leave something to be desired.

In other words it's only fun for co-op. Oh yeah you don't get a gun until like an hour or 2 in, and you can't carry that much ammo but a whole bunch of WEAK ASS melee weapons lying around so just hack and slash it. Rented it right here, and you should too.

Hazmat132692d ago

dead island was fun and dead island riptide with be awesome! just don't take 7 years to make. lol

opinska2692d ago

can't wait! loved tha 1st dead island!