Woman immerses mobile phone in plastic cup full of water

What's particularly sad about this photo is the missed potential - nothing screams "put her in a small bikini and wee on her" more than the announcement of a waterproof phone. Correction: The cup was probably only about half full of water, then the phone displaced some of the water upon immersion to make it appear nearly three-quarters full.

This is of course the world's slimmest, waterproof 3G Mobile Phone - Fujitsu F705i. With a thickness of only 13.7mm, the F705i is the slimmest, waterproof phone ever made. The little wonder meets IPX5 and IPX7 waterproof standards; the phone should continue operating after being sprayed with water or plunged underwater (1m max for 30 minutes). Perfect for those who use their phone at hot springs (Japanese onsen) or in the bathtub.

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Capt CHAOS4658d ago

'"put her in a small bikini and wee on her"'

What's that all about?

diatom4658d ago

Maybe he wants to wii on her.


f7ss14658d ago

what a funny title, "We inturrupt this program to bring you some breaking news! Woman immerses mobile phone in cup of water!!"