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BlindGuardian2694d ago

I still have the original 60gb backwards compatible fat PS3

but in light of the almost certainty of no backwards compatibility on PS4 it might be a good idea to get this model and put it away with the PS3 games collection for safekeeping

Moentjers2694d ago

It's like you read my mind.

Still running on a 60fat... time to save the future !

llMurcielagoll2694d ago

Lucky you guys, my 60gig died :(

Ridrick2694d ago

My 6 years old 60GB fat is still running very well:) Although I had to clean bluray laser twice in lifetime.

miyamoto2694d ago

This totally makes sense.

With the Wii U dropping this holiday season & the $99 Xbox 360out there.... a $200 PS3 Super Slim Model & SCEI campaign for younger games on the way(according to SCEE Jim Ryan) Sony has a good chance of giving a good fight on the price point numbers game.

2pacalypsenow2694d ago

man i wish i still had my 60gb one

mayberry2694d ago

My 60fat has been on at least 6hrs a day since I got it at launch! All ive done is clean the vents!

yabhero2694d ago

I'm a new sony gamer... My uncle just gave me his like new PS3 FAT 40GB... Getting anew tv screen today just to play it...

PoSTedUP2694d ago

my fat BC 80gig died and i brought it back to life for $150 cuz i loved it so much.

NiKK_4192694d ago

I have a fat 80GB and a slim 160GB. My fat just had its 3rd YLOD and my warranty is up. I'm not sure what to do with it. I think I'm just going to wait and pick up this super slim version.

jeseth2694d ago

I used the hell out of my 60gb. One of the first launch 400,000 made (came with Talledega Nights Blu Ray). YLOD once ... had it repaired and YLOD again.

I still have it in my Man Cave. I love that thing ... and miss it so!

The 60gb launch PS3's were incredible.

HellzAssassin2694d ago

Lucky): My 80GB BC model died on me a few months back. Still working on getting it fixed though.

llMurcielagoll2694d ago

I got my 60gig masterpiece sometime June 2007 and 4 years later it dies in june 2011... I managed to fix the YLOD, worked for about a month and died again.

I strongly believe that the fix process was fine, what might caused the problem again is the actual huge fan heat sink component. I guess it stopped doing its job, so even if I fix it it will die again and again :(

I was surprised, that my friends and I who owned the monster died around the same time mine died. Could be but a mere coincidence? :O

In my opinion, the slim model is butt ugly. I really miss the big glossy black box with the chrome line and the shiny text that says... PLAYSTATION 3 and the traditional rotating PS logo for vertical and horizontal orientation.

I think I will plug the 60gig PS3 to make its red LED light up and show it off next to the TV and hide the slim behind it.

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xtremeimport2694d ago

I gotta upgrade my 160 model HDD. had to delete content to be able to play MLB12 the show.
wonder how much this will be and what sizes the HDD will come in.

LolololRumz2694d ago

Have you never thought of just upgrading the HDD? It would be so much cheaper

xtremeimport2694d ago

@LolololRumz yeah, but if this new slim model isnt that expensive i might as well just get it. I've looked into just upgrading my HDD, but its gonna be around $100 anyway cause i'd like a 500gb hdd.

problemchild842694d ago

I got a 500gb HDD from for only $50 with free shipping for my 40gb fat PS3.

SilentNegotiator2694d ago

If they make it smaller (the sides, not how thin), I might upgrade. The ps3 I have doesn't have BC but it's still a model that uses a LOT of electricity.

KingOptimusOrigin1112694d ago

Well, if this gets announce at Gamescom for $199 I suggest buying it because the PS3 can do a lot with quality exclusives and at $199 if its announce is a sweet deal. I'll end up buying it as well to replace my 120GB PS3 Slim 2009 model.

Azmatik2694d ago

yup i just put a 500 in my slim, now il buy that new model too.

TrueStoryGuy2694d ago

I hope so. Though, I'd call it "PS3 Slim^2"

NoFanboyRequired2694d ago

Idk, I think of it as a remodel so they could lower their price on it.

I wonder how small this one is going to be lol.

Tsar4ever012694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Don't get your hopes too high, It's probably just the SAME ps3 slim with some newer/cheaper hardware parts so they can drop the price again this year.

Guwapo772694d ago

I'm with you guys, I boxed up my 60 fat when before they pushed the patch blocking the "other" OS. One of the few "pure" 60 fats left...

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vickers5002695d ago

Hope it has 2 extra usb ports in front and one in the back for the playstation eye.

A memory card slot reader and a more premium design would be great as well (chrome trim and lettering, touch sensitive buttons, more or better led indicators).

I'd be willing to pay more for a PS3 that looks like the ps3 phat, except slimmer. The slim just doesn't shine like the phat does, I want to be able to see my reflection on my ps3 like I can with the phat :)

Mr_cheese2695d ago

I always wished there was a USB port at the back, not a big fan of wires coming from every direction lol.

Isis062695d ago

+2x in back... 2x in front is enough...
Love my card readers : D

JayD-1K2695d ago

I still have mine! I put a 500gb HDD in though.

Isis062691d ago

Yea... same HDD in mine : D
Made a hole in the bottom of mine to stop the noise :L

r212695d ago

wondering if this is a new redesign slimmer version or just a new model of the ps3, hmm.

TheKayle2695d ago

7/3/2012 data that one with the monitor on it