'Dark Blood Online' Female Character Models Are Ridiculous

In a gaming market increasingly occupied by girl gamers, any game that places so much emphasis on female anatomy should just fail on principle alone.

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Simon_Brezhnev2693d ago

who cares its a mature game ne wayz and its been out since last year in korea.

Dno2693d ago

looks like "gamers" will not get over the fact that there are gonna be tits in games.....

Hicken2693d ago

If the game is so focused on the female anatomy, it's probably not for female gamers. Big deal.

It's not designed to appeal to women, any more than horror games are designed to appeal to me. I don't get offended by scary crap in games. I'm not offended by Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray or whatever the hell else out there targets women as a primary.

If Dora the Explorer isn't your cup of tea, would you buy it to play? Probably not. But would you complain about it?

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