10 Ways The 'Dragon's Dogma' Sequel Could Be Better Than The Original

Capcom shouldn’t get too comfortable with what works. There’s plenty that the game gets wrong or at least only half-right. Here are ten things they could change or improve for the inevitable sequel.

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NovusTerminus2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

No lock on, it works fine without it. And they don't need to slow it down. You can use tactics, you just have to be fast enough to do so.

While I would not mind it, don't count on it. DMC4 bombed on PC, and Dogma has the same producer / director. So I doubt they care to try it again.
Modding Dogma on the PC would not be so easy, because Capcom would not launch the editor tools to the public. They never have in the past, and I doubt they would start now.

One thing I would like to see is Co-Op. As just an option. maybe 2 player. you and another player + both Pawns. And for those who want the game offline, the Pawn system would remain the same mostly.

IGW_Fobia2687d ago

I could have sworn this game had lock on.

It isn't activated by a person actually clicking a button, but your character will lock on the to closest enemy (well, if you are a melee character). Which is actually how I would prefer it, have the game be smart about it, but lock onto enemies for me, more "realistic" than having to press a button and a cross red circle showing up or something

Lord_Sloth2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I just want them to fix the camera while climbing. That thing's atrocious, especially on the Ur Dragon. Other than that, just slap in some co-op for Monster Hunter Mayhem and I'm golden.

MWong2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I was thinking the samething yesterday, I was trying to climb the Ur-Dragons back and find a certain spot but the camera angle was just horrible. I couldn't see what I was doing unless I inched a little.

What's Needed:
1. Better story
2. Better camera
3. Multi-saves
4. Bigger more vast environments
5. Real Expansion packs/DLC
6. More monsters
7. Mounts
8. Bigger monsters
9. Difficulty allotment for NG+
10. New vocations/more diverse

Rocketpoweredmule2687d ago

If they make it a good game, that'd be a start.

Sino2687d ago

I was only dissapointed that the game is named "Dragon" Dogma..but there is only 2 types of dragon in it

thats still 2x more than Dragon Age

2687d ago