Games Are Getting Easier: 5 Reasons Why That's A Bad Thing

Hard games aren’t necessarily better than easy games. It depends largely on why you play video games to begin with.

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Lord_Sloth2691d ago

Games have been largely easy this entire Generation. Very few stand as exceptions to this.

rezzah2690d ago

Before I would play games on normal mode for my first play through.

Now I go straight to hard mode, unless if Normal is the highest or only option.

Minato-Namikaze2690d ago

I do too, it's, the only way I get any satisfaction. Easy games are the worst thing to happen this gen

Moby-Royale2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I recently picked up both of the GoW hd collections(I have played 1-3 just not the prequels. I wanted to play them all in order).

Anyway, I have played through two of them on hard so far. I was just thinking yesterday about how long it has been since a game has challenged me.

I've never been one of those guys that goes straight to hard mode. But, considering the thrill I got after every kill I think I'll start doing it myself.

Side note: if any of you dig GoW but haven't played "Ghost of Sparta" it comes highly recommended. From purely a gameplay and story perspective I think it is the best game out of all of them.

RememberThe3572691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

It makes good business sense to make the game easier and just give people the option to play harder difficulties if they want a challenge.

People who want a challenge can turn up the difficulty and people who just want to chill and shoot shit can turn it down.

It's pretty simple.

The Meerkat2691d ago

I agree.
I play some games for the story and i'd be very upset if I got to a part in the game that I was unable to get past.

Kraven from Spiderman 3 I'm looking at you.

h311rais3r2690d ago

U were unable to beat kraven? Really?

rezzah2690d ago

It is good business, but it can interfere with original gameplay.

It might even change an entire genre within a series.

I think DeadSpace is a great example such as ammo going from being scarce to universal.

As an example for genre change, Resident Evil is a possible example. Removing the horror feeling of survival with a replacement of action, this allows for a bigger fanbase since more people enjoy action over horror (based on EA`s and maybe Capcom`s logic).

RememberThe3572690d ago

I see your point, but making obstacles easier to pass is not the same as fundamentally changing a game.

helghast1022690d ago

But difficulty modes are shit and are rarely ever actually balanced well, it's just "hurr enemy gets more HP and you die faster".
That's not fair to anyone. It's lazy.

jessupj2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I disagree, it should be the other way around.

Games should be made hard first, with priority on the core demographic and making things to their liking. THEN they can easily dumb the game down and give the casuals an "i win" button.

It's a lot harder to make a quality fun game for the core players by first making it easy and simplistic and THEN increasing difficulty.

The casuals won't notice a thing, even if they did they wouldn't care, but core gamers have a passion for this hobby and have much higher standards.

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