Totally Sold on Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U

NWR: Last weekend, the Wii U Experience, the Club Nintendo invite-only event (think Cube Club), came to New York City. I had the privilege of attending with two friends who experienced Wii U for the first time, and we spent most of our time with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. In short, I walked away from the event completely sold on the promise of Nintendo Land as a contender for the greatest multiplayer game ever. Additionally, I totally get Boost Mode in New Super Mario Bros. U now.

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live2play2688d ago

alot of hands on previews for nintendoland say its alot of fun, and thats just 5 of 12 games!

people just hated it because is was presented horribly and at the end when we expected a big bang reveal

california2688d ago

Super Mario will be good. Nintendo Land looks like exactly what the name suggest, a package full of baby mini games. It is ironic because the family member that loves video games the most will hate Nintendo Land the most.

ChickeyCantor2687d ago

"baby mini games"

You are such a tough girl.

PopRocks3592687d ago

I'm not saying it makes the game more for the core audience, but to Nintendo Land's credit, such mini-game compilations don't usually focus on asymmetric co-op gameplay.

stuntman_mike2687d ago

"asymmetric co-op gameplay" just another name for multiplayer, why do people buy this PR spiel.

I'm sure nintendoland will be fun tho.

PopRocks3592687d ago

Pac-Man Vs. is one of the most fun games I've ever played and the gameplay is strictly Asymmetric multiplayer.

That's not PR spiel, that's Nintendo providing me one of my favorite multiplayer experiences ever.

miyamoto2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

So are you saying that Nintendo Land is just a watered down kiddie version of PlayStation Home or a compilation of Wii Sports games?

california2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

This is going to get me a lot of disagrees and I am a nintendo fangirl lol. Nintendo Land seems like a game I would put on for the kids if I am babysitting.

Truthfully I only started gaming four years ago. I have no clue what PlayStation Home is yet, but I think that Nintendo Land is the 12-step program for casual gamers. Nintendo is trying to mold them into hardcore gamers. It will not work. My boyfriend literally had to beg me to graduate to games other than Wii Sports and Wii Play.

live2play2686d ago

LUCCA SAID "Nintendo Land seems like a game I would put on for the kids if I am babysitting"


if YOU are babysitting the kids...then WHO is baby sitting YOU?

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AO1JMM2687d ago

Looks like a lot of fun to me. But then again my gaming is not limited to FPS games like many on here.

GuruStarr782687d ago

I got an invite for the same event here in Chicago for myself and 3 friends, can't wait to check out the Wii U!!

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