GamesRadar - Halo 4 - The story of the series so far

GamesRadar - The Halo story is a little hard to follow. There's super soldiers, alien plant monsters, Prophets called "Regret" and a ship named "Pillar of Autumn." With characters rattling off story details as plasma blasts and Needler spikes are whizzing passed your head you probably came out of most Halo games not knowing what the heck was going on.

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Septic2688d ago

Just finished reading Cyptum and Priordium; great read. Its amazing how brilliant the back story is for Halo. My friend, who only just recently played Halo Anniversary Edition, has started reading Cryptum (and isn't that big a gamer) and can't put the book down.

I was so hooked onto the books that I had to squeeze in a little time between work, gym, Netflix and gaming. Highly recommended for Halo and non-Halo fans alike.

The Meerkat2688d ago

I have all the Audiobooks.
I listen to them on the way to work and while in the gym.

Septic2688d ago

Audio book at the gym?! No way man lol. You've got to listen to some tunes that pump you up!