A World of Nintendo without HIM

8bitfix writes: One can only ask themself, wouldn't it make sense for Miyamoto to leave on a high note? The Wii sold extremely well and the Nintendo 3DS now seems healthy and on its feet. Has he ran out of ideas? Does he see a market that he feels he cannot compete with?

There is so much speculation that could be made and I could see why this topic is one that he needs to be careful when discussing.

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omarzy2695d ago

Yeah, he is not leaving any time soon. Nintendo is just preparing for when he does leave. Can't have Nintendo do nothing until after Miyamato leaves. If he wants to work with smaller projects and teams then we may soon play another gem from this game God.

gamer4lyfe2695d ago

What's the last new IP for Nintendo? Luigi's Mansion? I wasn't too impressed with DK Country Wii or NSMBwii. It just seems like they can't give me the reaction Mario 64 gave me. Heck people still prefer Melee over Brawl, something doesn't seem right with Nintendo's Wii games.

Khordchange2695d ago

Their last ip was Xenoblade, and it was fantastic and very well reviewed.

Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are considered classics, skyward Sword was great, Kirby's epic Yarn was considered very creative and cool, and Metroid Prime 3 was crazy good

BTW, Donkey Kong Country returns was awesome, F*** you for saying otherwise

SPAM-FRITTER-1232695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

khordchange...i agree on all of your games mention.

i think the people disagreeing are the typical wall-em up shooter.

nintendo make the best fun exclusives. they are not too serious, which is something in gaming that is getting very boring these days.

you get my agree.

OT: Big Toothed Miyamoto needs to stay. he is the reason gaming is where it is now.

Timmer2695d ago

Of course they can't get the same reaction from you by any of their new games as Mario 64 did. You were most likely a kid, and experiencing a classic like that is usually a once in a console generation experience. If you keep thinking "This game is gonna top what Mario 64 did for me," you're going to be disappointed.

If I did the same thing with Ocarina of Time, I'd hate the Zelda series. It's unfair to compare games to classic games from yesteryear, considering the amount of nostalgia factor involved. I mean, hell, I absolutely loved Mario Sunshine, and, dare I say it, as a Mario game, I found it more fun than Mario 64. Yet Mario 64 left a bigger impact on me because of my age and how amazing it was for its time.

No studio can create masterpiece after masterpiece like clockwork.

gamer4lyfe2695d ago

All I'm saying is at a time all I wanted to play were Nintendo 1st party games and now they don't seem to stand out anymore. Even my kids can care less for Wii's first party Nintendo titles. I'll agree with Khordchange that the games he mentioned I own and enjoy. I just can't see Nintendo's future without Miyamoto, unless they become like SEGA and become a software company only.

mike1up2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Nice read.

I would really like to see Miyamoto get his wish, and be on the forefront again with the younger devs. I have no idea when Miyamoto will leave, but I just hope that it is on a high note.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2695d ago

Nintendo would still be okay without miyamoto but I have to admit things will not be same especially games like Zelda