Saints Row: The Third – Genki Girl DLC Pack

Ciaran Allen says: "It would seem that another new DLC pack has found its way into the city of Steelport guy and gals! The Genki Girl Pack provides you with 3 Genki themed girls and their matching vehicles, all of which are reskinned versions of vehicles in the game."

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dazzrazz2687d ago

Its really sad to see those pathetic re-skinned quick cash grabs instead of what was suppose to be proper expansion pack

Patriots_Pride2687d ago

Really sad and I think that THQ confirmed that this game is suppose to have like 100 dlc packs.

Lucretia2687d ago

it is sad, the REAL expansion pack was basically scrapped and put into the fourth game to expand it. so i guess thats good? cuz it was gonna cost like 30 bucks and now its included in the 4th game sooooo win some lose some?

Hazmat132687d ago

well i guess i'll play Enter The Dominatrix on SR4