Patapon: 1UP behind the scenes with what might be Sony's quirkiest PSP game

"I believe that the PSP is presently the hottest platform out there," declares Hiroyuki Kotani, designer at Sony's Japan Studio and game director of Patapon. "I've been hearing gaming fans out there -- here in Japan and abroad -- eagerly anticipating a 'new' game to come out that could really push the boundaries of game genres as we know them. In my mind, PSP is the most suitable platform to have a completely new kind of gaming experience like Patapon."

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Mr_Kuwabara4664d ago

Tonight; we dine in hell!

SL1M DADDY4664d ago

The Spartans of 300! THIS IS LOCO!!!

Luca Blight4664d ago

especially for $19.99 (although I'd buy it for $39.99 to be honest)

n_n4664d ago

looks fun in its quirkiness... and for $20 damn, first day buy for sure