EU Law to Allow Digital Content to be Resold Will Have “Huge Ramifications”, Says TIGA

With the European Court of Justice legalizing the resale of digital content, including games, UK video games trade association TIGA foresees “huge ramifications” for the industry. - PSLS

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SactoGamer2694d ago

Yeah -- end users will be happier.

KUV19772694d ago

What exactly does that law mean? How will they allow me to sell digital content? Will they force platform holders to create the possibilty for me to sell my bought PSN-games to other users? How else would I sell that. I can see that working for drm-free mp3 and video files from Amazon but how will that affect gamers?

Bimkoblerutso2694d ago

As the article mentions, there's a very good chance the only thing a law like this would do would be to push publishers toward cloud-gaming more quickly, effectively shifting the industry toward a full-blown service so no "messy" ownership issues arise.

In other words, it's just going to speed up the inevitable. We're probably going to be paying the same prices for our games, only we won't own them in any way, shape or form.

DeadlyFire2694d ago

Means people selling WoW, Steam, or any other type of accounts with all their crap on it is legal.

Technically Cloud games are digital content as well owned by whatever account that you have with service. So its legal to sell your OnLive account with all your games on it too.

Unless Cloud gaming or Valve/EA has been pushing to allow you to legally resell games you bought to other users through Cloud, Steam or Origin. If so we might see this announced at some point in the next year.

DeadIIIRed2694d ago

Wow, another European court making an anti-business ruling that will only drive prices up for consumers...that is until they start regulating the prices for games too...but then there will be no games for Europe after that

Dark_Overlord2694d ago

So its a bad thing that consumers are finally getting some rights and not constantly being screwed by greedy corporations?

DeadIIIRed2694d ago

Rights are fine, but forcing publishers and developers to offer ways for consumers to sell digital content is going to be a logistics burden that costs them money that will be passed onto the end consumer.

Dark_Overlord2694d ago

Maybe if they made games that were worth keeping and not some game thrown out to make a quick buck, or cut out a good chunk of the content to sell as DLC etc people would probably hold onto the games longer

hazelamy2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

yes, because we should all sacrifice our rights on the alter of big business.

their profits are more important then the consumers getting what they spent their hard earned money on... right?

end sarcasm mode.

milohighclub2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Lol I can see it now... some dude makes game, has interview with publisher.
publisher asks "so we understand you are here to help us rip of consumers to the maximum of your potential??"
Dev: "no sir, I'm here to show you my cool new INNOVATIVE ga.."

hazelamy2694d ago

you been spying on ea or something? ^_^

coolasj2694d ago

Since a lot of the move to digital was to get away from the pre-owned market, remember that gigantic debacle we had with Gamestop? Now they sell redeemable codes in store for some games.
What do you think happens now? We create another pre-owned market and the companies that want to make money, aren't making much money anymore. Game companies aren't these mega-corporations that are "Too Big To Fail", they get shut down, disbanded, and sell themselves to even bigger companies for protection.
By forcing Steam, Origin, ect. To do this, you seriously disrupt their business model. A model based on you having to buy a game from them, to play. This isn't going to instantly make the video game market crash or anything but, the long term is going to hurt it slowly. Just like how physical retailing led into digital retailing. But now, there's no other retailing to run to.
Whoever out there who's thinking is "Yeah! Stick it to the man!". Remember, the man makes our video games, and likes money. They mostly like the latter.

This law may be "good for consumers" in that you'll now own what you buy. But it's bad for the businesses. And in return, bad for us.

Saryk2694d ago

This should have happened years ago and needs to happen here in the USA.