The Most Patriotic Video Game of All Time Never Came Out in America

Who would have thought that the most patriotic American video game of all time would only be released in Japan? Well, that just happens to be the case.

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OneAboveAll2697d ago

Good. It's embarrassing. Another Japanese game with giant robots and characters with big eyes... real original.

Go ahead and disagree. I'm not going to give a fuck. Because i'm American!

h311rais3r2696d ago

Nothing wrong with robots. Huge eyes however.....they stare into your's scary

Hicken2696d ago

How can you be American and not like giant robots? America was built on giant robots! (technically, black people, but same thing)

Hicken2696d ago

And that pretty much confirms your ignorance.

Moving on...

OneAboveAll2696d ago

It's an opinion. If you don't like it then tough luck.

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Huntmaster172696d ago

wow that game looks bad ass lol