What the ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ Live-Action Trailer Says About Ubisoft and the British

Ubisoft has released a new live-action trailer for ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ directed at its European audience. As stunning as it may be, its tone is distinctly unique from the marketing seen here in the United States.

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user54670072688d ago

It's directed at Europe and yets it still give off a pro American vibe to it...what the hell gives.

They should be showing the total opposite, they should be backing up what they've said in the past about Connor being netural and not trying to make one side look evil. This was their chance and they've failed to do that...again

"When I will be them, not us"

As redcoats destroy the house to kill an American mother and her children...well done Ubisoft /s

AND THEN...Showing "RISE" as Connor has just slaghtered Redcoats taking from the Pro American E3 trailer.

This trailer just prooves that in AC3 the redcoats will be evil for the majority of the game and Connors main side will be the Americans. You can't say he's going to be on both sides and not show one single bit of footage of him doing a British mission.

I wouldn't be that arsed about this if Ubisoft wern't bloody cowards and just admitted it instead of filling gamers heads with lies to cover their arses but this type of marketing all because of greed is ridiculous. It's not about that British people are being killed for's just the horrible lies and terrible marketing.

At least someone made an article on this and pointed it out...finally.

Honestly I hate when developers lie, they loose all respect from me.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The americans are Europe to!

Europeans fighting over a country that they don't own.. some nerve.

Blastoise2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The game doesn't look that great anyway...

Campy da Camper2688d ago

Why is anyone acting like this is a big deal? In every Viking movie I have ever seen, the Vikings are killing and pillaging. Do people freak out over how that makes Greenlanders or Nordic people look?

If they ever made a Viking game where I played this nibly pansy wamsy guy who said please and thank you I would throw it out the window.

da_2pacalypse2688d ago

I think the problem is that Americans are never the bad guy in any video games... Which is kind of stupid in my opinion... You guys remember a few years back when Medal of Honor had to change the online enemy names from the Taliban because of the public outcry of people in America?

How do you think Russians feel about the gaming industry? and you don't ever hear a single complaint.

HaVoK3082688d ago

Not familiar with World History are you? Mankind has always done such things. Nobody "owns" anything.

The American Revolution was Europeans killing Europeans for the most part.

Sono4212687d ago

Excuse my language but who fucking cares. Its so idiotic to care about things like this. Where your from doesn't define who you are, so you shouldn't take any offence. You decide who you are, not what area you live in on the globe. If you take offence you're a moron. Plain and simple.

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Blastoise2688d ago

"Honestly I hate when developers lie, they loose all respect from me"

You must have lost a lot of respect for developers this Gen then eh? Hows that "Scary" Resident evil 6 game coming along Capcom? :P

shackdaddy2688d ago

My God, get over it. You've been posting the same thing in every AC3 article. You're beating a dead horse now.

So they make the British look like the bad guys. Who cares? It's not even close to the amount of disrespect Russians get in the game world.

Marz2688d ago

You are so right. I'm tired of seeing all this complaining. Just grow up its just a game. There are tons of pro American movies that get no hate, why does ACIII get hate?

And no one ever defends the Russians! The Russians are always portrayed as the bad guys and no one ever defends them or gets there panties in a bunch complaining how they should have an accurate description and take no sides. But this is a game of war! People are forced to take sides. I feel like the game would have no emotional impact if connor had nothing to fight for. Just fighting the Templars isn't enough in this setting. And so what if they lied or twisted the truth. It's their game! And you're still gonna buy it!

BitbyDeath2688d ago

To be fair the Russians are currently working on weapon to turn people into zombies.

Kurt Russell2688d ago

As a brit, I can safely say I don't give a flying f*** in a high wind. Bring on Creed 3!

omi25p2688d ago

Actually in most games if the Russians are the villains its usually a rouge section of the Russian military.

Only in MW3 and Battlefield Bad Company are the real Russian military invading and then its a real war so there are no "good guys"

Besides neither of those games have big patriotic trailers about America and how they are the wounded perfect heroes.

Only Assassins Creed and that's only because they know some Americans will be fooled into buying it just because of a patriotic trailer that villainizes 1 nation in a war where there were no good guys

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SnotyTheRocket2688d ago

Who cares? It's a game. It happened 200 years ago, let it go.

xPhearR3dx2688d ago

Grow a pair already. You know how many games let you kill Americans? Niko Bellic is a former Eastern European soldier who came to AMERICA will free will of slaughtering innocent people in a city based off NYC. Not even soldiers mind you, innocent people. Did America give two shits? NO. Remember MOH? Being able to play as the Taliban killing American soldiers even after the whole 9/11 thing? Did America care? NO.

The only coward here is you. Yes I'm American, but that doesn't stop me from booting up GTA IV and playing as an immigrant starting riots in America. It's actually quite enjoyable. Not to mention I actually live in NYC, so being able to go to the subway and kill hundreds of people who get on my nerves every single day in a virtual world brings me entertainment. Get over it.

omi25p2688d ago

err you seriously didn't just use MOH as an example. There was a huge uproar against the use of the word Taliban because it meant you could play as them.

Then some people started claiming the game was actually a recruitment tool for the Taliban, All this forced danger close to change the name of the opposing side.

Biggest2688d ago

But that was the Fox News group and their followers. The only people worrying about their feelings are themselves.

Shadonic2688d ago

so the director of this commercial is works with ubisoft on the story of the game or something or was he just a hired professional ? Dude its a commercial thats aired on the 4th of july i know that you want to see some action between Connor and the americans but come on think of this from a game developer and director point of view you dont do shit like that especially if you want to make money and grab positive feedback from the viewers.

Lord_Sloth2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

You're looking at this wrong. It's not "Pro American" so much as it's "Anti Templar."

theodopolopolus2688d ago

but George Washington and Ben Franklin are thought to be templars

Silly Mammo2687d ago

Exactly, evil f'ing, bastards, the both of them! ;0)

TotalHitman2687d ago


Maybe old George and co will stab Connor in the back at the end of Assassin's Creed 3. Don't rule it out. Ubisoft has said that Connor will be neutral in this game.

khan_saab2688d ago

i agree with you. I personally don't mind it if all that Conner does is slaughter redcoats but what pisses me off is that Ubisoft insists that is not going to be the case and that he is neutral throughout the conflict. If that is so then why not show it? what is stopping them from making the exact same trailers only with him slaughtering Americans? It kind of makes you wonder.

My guess is that Ubisoft feels that this is a touchy issue that they have touched upon and so by showing the slaughtering of redcoats they are making Americans happy and by stating they are going to be neutral they are making the British happy.

IF that is the case then all they have done is gave ammo to the war that has ensued online over the trailers and Ubisoft's statement, which is a cowardly thing to do.

Show us Conner killing Americans and we can all go home. IF you do not want to show us that then explain to us why. It is that simple.

wallis2688d ago

I agree but at the end of the day no matter hard they try or how bad they make it I don't think we have squat on the Germans. Just how think how they feel - so I guess we can't really complain.

Mr Scooch2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Calm down! I'm English and it means nothing.
Our history as a nation is tarnished from the start. We got where we did by tyrannically suppressing other nations. The Brits that are depicted in this game are so far removed from those of today that it doesn't matter.
It's like Having a WWII game where someone says that it's wrong as it's all about killing Germans.
The game's no more anti-British than war games are anti-German.
Plus there are far more Americans who would buy the game than Brits, so they're just trying to please the mass market. It's not right, but there are far more worthy things to get annoyed about!

Nimblest-Assassin2687d ago

I find it kind of funny.... the british army is "villianized"

Here is the thing. We know that the templars in Assassin's creed all control armies, armies that consist of men who simply follow orders. The templars control those armies.

The soldiers you killed in all AC's prior, all followed leaders in which you killed.

What AC has always done has shown the "hidden" truth behind these events in history.

Also, it was a trailer on independance day.

Seriously, you can't judge the story of a game from marketing.... just look at prototype 2

tacosRcool2687d ago

And thats why its called a video game

ALLWRONG2687d ago

"As redcoats destroy the house to kill an American mother and her children" The Brits did do things like that. Bad things happen in war.

AC3 isn't trying to give you a 2nd chance win a war. Americans don't have a problem playing games with a Brit for a hero killing Americans (Tomb Raider) Why do you?

I get that some Brits don't like to be looked at as bad guys. Your turn get over it.

Conzul2687d ago

I'd be pissed too, but don't forget Ubisoft's history...

Remember Silent Hunter 2, 3, and 5? Games with amazing moments and immersion, and guess what you were doing? Commanding a Nazi Uboat to attack Allied shipping and warships!!! How politically correct is that? I loved those games.

Then again, it was predominantly British shipping that was the target.....Huh.

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hiredhelp2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

WAIT! This game was meant to be about connor working both sides...
This is a brittish trailer as stated by Mikecosgrove, They should be showing both sides what is this now 2nd or 3rd trailer now.
I am planning on buying this game just like i have since AC 1,2, brotherhood,revalations. But i wont be happy if all i see is nearly all this game is about one sided, Witch is clearly what it looks like to me.

Yes im brittish but i like to see this game the way ubisoft said it was going to be so i can follow a good story.

user54670072688d ago

"what is this now 2nd or 3rd trailer now. "

Well they've had

Teaser Trailer...stalking redcoats

1st Trailer...expanded teaser killing the redcoats

Screenshots...killing redcoats

Boxart...killing a redcoat

Connors design...Colour Blue. Blue = American

Gameplay Trailer...Chasing down a redcoat

Big E3 trailer...killing a ton of Redcoats, giving Americans inspiration to fight back, looks like he's leading them to victory.

E3 gameplay video...American based mission

E3 gameplay video 2...American based mission

Independence Video...You know what by now

RISE trailer...not as bad but still pro American and it's supposed to be for the UK.

phantomexe2688d ago

lol you are still on here posting on every ac3 artcle mike. It's ok man let it go. four games have been done in europe. If it's ok with you can this game be set in the U.S?

Wingsfan242688d ago

Do you want them to spoil the whole damn game before you even buy it??? I mean seriously, I'd rather be surprised by what happens then know who might be the enemy on the colonial side. Give the developers and Ubisoft a break, my god.

Shadonic2688d ago

is it really that serious that you kill an amercian in this time period also when has 10 minutes of different clips of gameplay ever given out the entire direction in which the story will go? dont bash the thing until your 100% sure that it dosent have something.

Christopher2688d ago


I get having a bit of frustration over them saying it's "not just Brits" being killed in the game. But, honestly, Brits as a primary enemy is going to be a given in this game.

At least it's not the 70-90s of Movies where most of your notable villains were all British actors.

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Draperc2688d ago ShowReplies(2)
GamerEuphoria2688d ago

....who cares if they are killing redcoats in the media...are people really that over sensitive?

Draperc2688d ago

I miss the 90's, people actually had things called "balls" back then.

HebrewHammer2688d ago ShowReplies(5)