What should we expect from the next generation of consoles – Wii U

When you hear “next generation” as a gamer, you start to picture photo-realistic graphics and movie quality games. In reality, you usually get enhanced console features such as online gaming and improved graphical capabilities. So while we’re at the end of the Nintendo Wii’s lifecycle and have seen the Wii U in action, we can start to see how the console will evolve in the future.

When Nintendo launched the Wii back in 2006, people were claiming that it would be the next revolutionary product. Almost six years later, the Wii is a dust-collecting machine in elderly homes across the globe. What happened in that time span, and what needs to be done to avoid the same fate for the Wii U?

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Gamer782694d ago

This person is just bashing Nintendo because they didn't build a gaming PC. The system is already more powerful than what is available, and it is only going to get better. Give devs time to work with it and you will see what the system is truly capable of. Calling Wii U a glorified 360 is an insult and actually untrue. Ports of games will only look so good, as they are developed for weaker systems, and they are optimized for those systems, not Wii U. When Aliens comes out, you will see a difference in the game graphically and gameplay wise, when compared to current systems. That will only be the beginning.

california2694d ago

There is a rumor that the launch ports are barely using the Wii U gpu at all. If that is true then you are right.

FinalomegaS2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

it's common with most people, you only believe what you see. To most they refuse to believe Nintendo can make a system that is strong ( thinks back to the contract Nintendo made with Silicon Graphics, they tried but a powerful system that not many devs can program for is not an advantage but a very big bottleneck, production and lack of JRPG gone to PSX not to mention the Cartridge medium were pretty much the nails in the N64 coffin). 1st Gen games on a new system always look sub par compared to later on when compared to the system 3 to 4 years after.Ports are the easy way for devs to cash in without knowing the system in and out.

Let's face it, we've been playing games now that devs have been used to the hardware to the point, they can use the systems tricks and resources to do what would not be possible earlier. WiiU has the power, but the devs are still using the dated developing hardware. What we would need a full blown dev tool that can maximize development for ease of game making. I know of a few but really they should be closer to the hardware manufacturer to help with the hardware creation. I know that's a fantasy but some day we'll see it.

Now we come back to this familiar road again. A Nintendo system with guts and a twist. Games on a disc medium that can hold pretty much every game that needs it ( insert retarded FF series # with 70% video)

Optional Controller for them Core players.

HDMI connection, you know you'll be using it.

Nintendo 1st & 2nd Party. ( I won't bother go into full detail because we all have our fav..mine are...)
in no correct order;
Legend of Zelda ( see a world more vast with more puzzles)
Metroid ( to be 1st or 3rd person... ahh this is a hard one)
F-Zero (1000 MPH at 60 FPS in HD... in the fzero world of Big Blue... the ideas of the tablet while driving and fixing your ship that is damaged would be so cool)

Fire Emblem (not sure which art direction i want it to go in, maybe try something more realistic anime type)

StarFox ( please god don't make Namco touched this again, bring the N64 team back on it)

Sin and punishment, Xeno series, Baiten Katos series,Last story 2 and so on...

Maybe bring RTS games to the system... ( wish)

( looks up.. oh man i wrote a lot lol)