3 unexpected questions from Nintendo’s shareholder meeting

Some of the questions people asked Nintendo chief Iwata at the annual shareholder meeting were a little...different.

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idontgetit2687d ago

I love ideas full of dreams!

Sadie21002687d ago

Haha, I love the first one. Who the heck thinks it's OK to waste everyone's time with that?

stuntman_mike2687d ago

A reality show where Miyamoto and Iwata travel to the most dangerous places in the world and fight animals would be awesome. I don't usually like reality tv crap but that would be worth watching lol.

Game4life2687d ago

that guy deserves like ten bubbles

Excited2play2687d ago

I can't believe Iwata had the presence of mind to answer that question with a straight face and not burst out laughing.

But let's be real, some of the best ideas sound totally ridiculous at first so...

christicehurst2687d ago

Kinda shows the investors have no idea on how to run a company.

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