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Review by Phillip Levin on January 22, 2008

Final Word:

"Strangely enough, Endless Ocean is a very well-made game. The problem lies in something else: as a game, Endless Ocean isn't very entertaining. There are a select few that will no doubt fall in love with Akira's underwater experience, but the rest of us will sit there with a confused look on our faces, wondering why we don't get it."

Final Verdict:

• Visuals: 7.0 - Endless Ocean looks good for a Wii game, but considering the entire premise of the game is observation, it doesn't look good enough.

• Sound: 8.0 - Great sound effects and even greater music. Voice-acting would have been nice.

• Control: 8.0 - The pointing controls work well for swimming. Sometimes, it's difficult to turn around fast enough, but other than that, they work well.

• Gameplay: 6.0 - Swimming controls are good. Absolutely huge, open ocean to explore with tons to see. Unfortunately, none of this is particularly exciting.

• Lasting Appeal: 4.0 - here's little to keep you coming back to Endless Ocean, as it's not that exciting in the first place. Online play is a great extra, though.

• Verdict: 6.0 - Unfortunately, while Endless Ocean succeeds, it succeeds at something that isn't particularly fun.

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wiizy4659d ago

not sure about the bad review. but endless ocean works for what it is.. a relaxing game

LanRanger4659d ago

The reviews for this game are all over the map. It's essentially a non-game, though, so so I'm not surprised. It must be pretty good at what it is to be receiving any good scores from the gaming media.

Monteblanco4659d ago

I don't think Endless Ocean should be reviewed as a game. As such, I am more interested in hearing the opinion of non-gaming magazines and sites.

MadMax4658d ago

Never even heard of this game site. Ign gave it a much better review, a real game site at least. Great game nonetheless, been playing it the last few days and if you like the ocean you will love this game. Even has deep sea diving with all the deep sea creatures, fantastic game.

ItsDubC4658d ago

Did anyone else find that funny given this type of game? Almost sounds as if Kombo's looking for faults.

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