Revealed: Valve's major TF2 changes

PC Gamer's got a load of new info on the major changes coming to Team Fortress 2, which Valve teased everyone with earlier this month. Referred to as a 'large-scale modification' by the developer, it turns out it's unlockable weapons that are set to be made available to each of the game's nine classes.

It'll roll out first for the Medic, which will receive two new items, but Valve will then gradually introduce unlocakbles to the remaining class roster.

"These will be alternative versions of their current loadouts that, once unlocked by earning a certain number of achievements, you can pick and choose from on a new 'Loadout' menu", PC Gamer UK explains.

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AngryHippo4665d ago this going to happen to console versions as well?!good way of sparking new life into this already fantastic mp experience. New maps would be a nice addition too.

solar4665d ago

i am sooo stoked for this :D

sajj3164665d ago

Fix the network code in both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. I played a little TF2 both yesterday morning and last night. There was no lag in the morning. There was extreme lag in the evening. I'm guessing its because of the traffic of all players (more players in the evening). Has anyone else experienced this on either PS3 or the 360?

KS19854665d ago

I had that problem last night on the PS3 version.

At first it was alright, but as the game was coming to an end I was Automatically kick out of the server. After that everything started to jump.

A well, there is always Call of Duty 4

GodsHand4665d ago

I say bring back the grenades.

Scout had concussion grenades, plus tacks that would slow down the enemy.

Solider had regular grenades, plus a grenade that would spin around shooting nails at your chest height.

Heavy Weapons had regular grenades, plus a clustar bomb.

Demolition Man, had regular grenads, plus a det pak.

Sniper had just regular grenads

Medic had a concussion grenade

Spy had a hallucinating grenade

Engineer has a EMP grenade, that you could throw your metal backpacks for extra damage.

Pyro had a incinerating grenade, which would put you on fire.

If anyone had played the original can remember the conc maps, were you used the scout or medics to reach the end of the map using your concussion grenads.

Even using your concussion grenads in standar maps could send you flying across to the enemy base.

assjacket4665d ago

How about some new maps for the console versions!!!
Thats all I want.